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Posted 9/30/17 , edited 10/1/17
So with "It" the scary horror clown movie recently come out I'm reminded of a tv show or movie that I once watched but I can't remember the name of it. All I remember is that the show is about a boy who is frigthen that a clown always visit him at night and when he complains to his parents they brush it off as the kid being paranoid and dreaming. So one day when the parents go out for couple time they hire an babysiter while babyitting the boy she will encounter the clown but the clown never moves so she thinks its an statue. A bit later the parents call the babysitter to check up on things the girl would mention that their clown statue is creepy, knowing that they don't own an clown statue and their son complaining about a clown before tells the babysitter to take their kid and run out the house to safety. After that I'm not sure, don't remember what happens next.

So if anyone can find this tv show or movie please tell me the name.
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Posted 10/1/17 , edited 10/1/17
Okay, this Urban Legend has been filmed a lot it seems. I found it under "The Clown Statue", "The Babysitter and the Clown Statue" and "The Red Balloon". All different versions of the same story. IMDB has the details and Youtube at least 2 of the titles mentioned. There was also a full-blown movie called "Amusement" from 2008 that delivered the story.
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