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Posted 10/2/17 , edited 10/3/17
I noticed that there are a lot of anime that do not have tags.

This kinda ruins searching for anime according to genres because a lot of the anime do not show up on those list. Anyone know if I am crazy or has this been a thing for a while.

I just hope that I can find anime through the website instead of having to search on a different website for genres and checking if Crunchyroll has it.
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Posted 11/7/17 , edited 11/7/17
Yep, same problem here. They should at least list the genre for each anime, so we can use the search by genre feature to find similar anime series. There's another problem:
The series New Game for instance has only one tag "workplace drama" and there is no such genre. However, you can select drama, but the series is not listed there, although it should since it is tagged as drama. When you click on the tag (on the New Game page) it shows you anime with the same tag.

Is there a way that users can tag or suggest tags for anime?
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Posted 11/9/17 , edited 11/9/17
I asked about this at Animie Boston 2015 and I was told, "We're working on that right now." Yeah, I love it when someone lies to my face. And it's worse now that they have added all of the anime from Funimation. At least Funimation had good search features.

It's been years since they did any any real tagging of shows. This really, really sucks because it's easy to fix, they are just too cheap to hire a couple of minimum wage click-monkeys from a staffing agency to go through an Excel spreadsheet to add the tags. (I actually had to do this years and years ago when I was a minimum wage click-monkey so I know from experience that it's not hard)

It makes the baby Jesus punch kittens.
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