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Posted 10/4/17 , edited 10/4/17
Hi there,

Maybe this service is already implemented in some form but I think crunchyroll should make a movie room for premium members. What I mean by that is whenever I want to watch something with an online friend (that is also a premium member we have to do some jank stuff so we know we are in sync.

So instead of me having to make count down noises like I am preparing for the Apollo lift off, then having to use either an outside chat or voice software, I think crunchyroll should make something in house.

To be honest maybe creating that type of enviornment would be hard technically but the flow chart is easy:

Crunchyroll makes another home button option, "Create Movie Room"

User then goes into the room and invites online friends (that are also premium members to that room)

So when everyone is in the room the "Admin" or the person who created the room can choose what they want to watch.
And only they have access to the controls of choosing (proposition vote system could be created later like that twitter vote gimmick) and watching the show. So he/she can stop or start or rewind and it will be mirrored on other peoples monitors as well.

But what everyone has access to is fullscreen or the chatroom plus screen, exactly like twitch so we can talk and chit chat. And when something hype happens we can all lose our minds in the chat.

Overall I think it be a worthwhile investment for crunchyroll to make such a service because not only will it make people want to watch anime on crunchyroll more often, it might also incentivize others to buy a premium account.

And for what its worth, I think the community would just really appreciate something like.

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