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Post Reply can we or can we not come together before we destroy ourselves
Posted 10/5/17 , edited 10/6/17
Of course the post asking people to come together is whataboutism about other slavery and how all lives matter.

It's the fact that people fighting racism is "living in the past" is exactly why people won't come to you. You can't even acknowledge racism exists[ anymore despite the fact I can look at any comment section, any conviction statistic, employment statistic, quality of life study and this very fucking thread and know that isn't true. I mean look at this whole All Lives Matter shit you're spouting

We have a series of videos of black people being murdered by the police, despite posing no immediate threat and even complying with the police. Nobody cares. Nobody is brought to justice. This forms Black Lives Matter, with the simple thesis that black lives aren't disposable. They matter. Suddenly people care to retort "All Lives Matter", which is effectively trying to argue the same thing except it won't acknowledge that there is a problem in the first place. Meaning you are asking people to come together despite the fact you're also letting them be murdered with impunity and refuse to address the issue.

This on top of the political climate where the president got elected by promising to protect America from the scary mexicans and muslims. Promising to meet outrage at the police with more 'law and order'. Called the fucking nazis he emboldened "very fine people" but a black person peacefully kneeling in protest "a son of a bitch". The only demographic of people who voted for him in majority were white people, and now you're asking everyone else stop living in the past and come together?

Nah. Majority of people are living in the present and on the side of justice. They're waiting for the rest of you to come here.

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Posted 10/5/17 , edited 10/6/17
Nar we will never all come together. There's too many things that divide us, racism, religion, tradition, culture, politics (right wing vs left wing), media, propaganda, history, gender, sexuality, money, resources, etc.
Then there's gangs and mafia and all kinds of organisations. Which lead to us killing our own kind. Look at how many blacks kill other blacks and look at how many white anti whites there are, so we cant even all get along even if we're the same race.
Look at Muslims even, divided and against each other, killing each other. So same race and/or same religion doesn't even mean we will necessarily get along. Let alone getting along with other races or religions.

There is no doubt in my mind that race relations have gone backwards in recent years. I blame the over use of political correctness for this. And then there's the racist leftards who secretly are racist, not only to non whites by feeling sorry for them, but against their own race also.

But of course many of us can and do get along. I myself am an example of this. Just earlier today you had me, white boy Aussie 1/16th Greek working along side a Vietnamese guy, a Muslims guy (my bad i forget his race he's Asian not Arab) and an African guy, all talking and laughing and getting along all through the work session.
BUt i guess you could argue that at work we almost have to all get along lol.

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Posted 10/6/17 , edited 10/6/17
If humanity is resolved to be forever tribalistic, then it will inevitably become the burden of a few individuals to carry on the best of human civilization. I imagine that if humans ever manage to construct colonies or permanent residences in space, then we have to carry all of human knowledge, fleeing from the constraints of Earth as Aeneas fled the burning Troy.
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