SnK, Final Fantasy, and Destiny Cosplay! Take Two

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Posted 10/5/17 , edited 10/6/17
I've been working on several cosplays for upcoming conventions, mainly building an AoT rig from scratch. No easy task when you want to mimic as much of the real rig! Here are some current pics of the progress across all realms of work.
Take note that most of this stuff is 3D printed: it's going to be robust, incredibly detailed, and not terribly heavy (except for the sword, that's going to be ridiculous!).

Here is Zack's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy (designed after the one from Advent Children).

The Chaperone from Destiny. Note that it is printed and semi-assembled in this photo

And Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin ODM gear construction!

I wanted to design it so that the triggers would actuate and make the anchors fire and retract. However, I may be stepping past that and making it so that depressing both at the same time will fire off the rear compressed gas discharge vent. I also made it so that the toggle at the top of the handle would release the blades. Internally, the handle holds the blades in with springs.

You will see color discrepencies as the photos go on. I made MANY prototypes of the handles in order to determine the perfect sizing and fit for everything!

First photo is 3D modeling the handguard with blades.

Next is the prototype handguard being printed.

Holding a later generation handguard (you can quickly see the differences!)

Internals. You can see some of the springs along with how the wiring was going to be routed for the pushbutton switches.

All the blade sections printed. I made all eight blades, each blade is 14 pieces total; two halves of seven each. From the anime, there were seven total sections to the blade: a tip section, five center sections, and the hilt section that slid into the handguard. This was also modeled based on the Kotobukiya statues of Levi, Mikasa, and Eren (for consistency in measurements).

One section of blade sanded (not assembled) to get a feel for how it all looks together.

One blade fully assembled! This blade needs some touching up, but once it is done, it will be identical in style to the blades seen in the anime. And yes, mounted behind it on the wall is Icebreaker (95% complete) and Thorn (about 80% complete).

If you guys enjoy this, I will continue to post updates! Let me know what you think!
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Posted 11/3/17 , edited 11/3/17
You are my GOD.
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