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Post Reply The Ancient Magus' Bride (Mahoutsukai no Yome) Discussion
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Posted 6/23/18 , edited 6/23/18
For everyone saying that they felt the 'marriage' was 'forced' and didn't feel right, it's the direction the manga did go in, even though the anime part aired before the chapter came out, but it felt more like a feelings and commitment confession between the two of them to me than an actual marriage. Yes, there were the rings, but I view them more as promise rings, and Chise could have easily just been trying to call Elias her 'boyfriend' rather than her 'husband' in the last part. Also, there was no one there to officiate it, from either the human or the fae worlds, so I don't think that it was actually an official wedding, just an honest conversation between the two about their feelings for each other. Either way, the manga is still ongoing, so we'll have to see how the story plays out over that for what's to come.
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