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Posted 10/7/17 , edited 1/6/18
In The Ancient Magus’ Bride, Chise is referred to as a 夜の愛し仔. 夜 means “night”, 愛し means “adorable, lovely, beloved” and 仔 means “offspring, young (animal)”, so it isn’t far-fetched to translate this as dearest child of the night. The author even uses the furigana スレイ・ベガ, which is pronounced “Surei Bega”. Obviously this is Slay Vega and is not “a term that fans likely coined since they mistranslated the term in the first place” (

Seven Seas Entertainment explains:
“For Chise, this term is used to describe her being a type of extraordinary individual, and not being an actual fairy. So while the scanlator’s intended meaning for “Slay Vega” may have been “dearest child of the night,” it’s actual meaning to English speakers is “to kill a star.” (

Slay Vega, even under the literal meaning of “to kill a star”, makes sense with the endless star motifs throughout the manga. Slay Vegas are mentioned to die young because of their abilities and while Chise is dying for multiple reasons, ultimately it is due to the nature of her abilities. She is referenced as a “Lonely Little Star”, that motif is prominent. She is being killed by entities around her leeching her power and thus her life, so she is a STAR that is being KILLED, a Slay Vega.

“To this extent, we are of one mind in that the usage of Sleigh Beggy is in line with the manga-ka’s intended vision for this amazing series.” (

They think they're following the mangaka’s vision, but if she didn’t mean Slay Vega, she wouldn’t have written the furigana as スレイ・ベガ. Slay Vega looks and sounds 1000 times better then Sleigh Beggy and definitely follows the mangaka’s intended vision because she wrote it that way.
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Posted 2/23/18 , edited 2/23/18
Thank you for the clarification. I had often wondered what the heck they meant by "Sleigh Beggy". It wouldn't be too hard for them to correct all of the associated subtitle files in one fell swoop; I hope they take your advice.
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Posted 3/1/18 , edited 3/2/18
Hate to bring this up, but I think it needs to be said.
"Sleigh Beggy" or, more correctly, "Sleih Beggey" is a word referring to the fey from the Isle of Man (home of the Manx people). In the Manx language it means "the little people" -- yet another indirect reference to the Fair Folk for fear of getting on their bad side. "Sleigh Bega" is the Japanese pronunciation of it (and actually kinda close to how it's supposed to sound).
As such, it is a technical term hailing from British folklore: perfect for a show steeped in it already, and it shows that the author really did her homework.
(Further, it seems to be one of those rare shining moments where all the translators also went far out of their way to do their research - something that fans really appreciate since it makes the experience that much more immersive)
I'm guessing its usage in The Ancient Magus' Bride refers to how Sleigh Beggy have so much magical power, both internal and ambient, that they are almost fey-like, but not actually fey.
With that in mind, it seems to have nothing to do with astronomy or "dearest child of the night", and thus "Sleigh Vega" would not be quite appropriate in this context.

For reference: (scroll to the S section if need be)

Hope this helps!
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