I'm Planning visit Japan HEEEEELP MEEEE PLZ

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Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/9/17
So as the title say i always wanted to visit japan and now i am a lil bit financially better and i thought why not now.

But to be honest i have no real clue about what to do or where go first of course i want see all the fancy stuff but i want something more still trying to figure it out myself and i wanted your ideas

I'm looking to be there from 7 to 10 days
I know i am been lazy most of this questions i can go to google and find out but i wish the intake from someone who has done it before and has real life experience or planned this trip before.

-Have you been there before?
-What places do you recommend me?
-where to fly to be cheaper from the sates ?
-Is easy to travel from regions/cities?
-Take the train or fly from Osaka to Tokyo per example?
-Stay at hotels or use airbnb
-Stay in just one city and travel back and forward every time or just get multiples hotels on different cities
-Any idea an estimate how much money would i need to actually stay around 10 days ?

sorry for all the trouble and all questions i will appreciate any answers

....................................................................... Arigato!!! ..................................................................................
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Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/10/17

WickedCuban wrote:

1.) Have you been there before?
Yes, twice and I'll be going a third time in a little under a month from now

2.) Where to go?
I absolutely love Kyoto and recommend going there especially if you're interested in more "traditional" Japan. Tokyo is also a must, at least for your first trip to Japan. On top of that, I'd recommend checking out a smaller city or two as well. Look for stuff that's within a day trip range of where ever you decide to stay as your base. With a 7-10 day trip you should be able to do that though you'll have to accept you won't be able to see and do everything (Tokyo alone would take you over a week if you really wanted to do/see everything). Exact details on where to go and what to do really depend on your personal interests but, since you're here in the first place, Akihabara in Tokyo is an obvious must.

3.) It's easiest to just fly to Tokyo, really. Depending on where you want to go after it may be cheaper to take a local flight from there but Tokyo is almost guaranteed to be your best first stop. I suggest Haneda airport in Tokyo if you have a choice. Getting there to and from anywhere in Tokyo is easy, cheap and fairly quick. Plus, the airport itself is really nice.

4.) Travel between most major cities is extremely easy as everything is connected by train, and many major destinations are also connected by bus lines. Taking the bus is slower, of course, but is also often cheaper for longer distances plus if you take a night bus you can essentially use that as your night lodging and save on having to pay for a hotel that night. My recommendation for bus travel is willerexpress.com. You'll often hear about a JR Rail Pass but chances are you won't need one unless you're planning to do a lot of traveling so don't worry about that too much.

5.) The only reason you'd want to fly domestically is if you've found a really cheap flight or if you're going a really long distance. Take the train or bus.

6.) Depends on your budget. Most major destinations in Japan offer a pretty wide variety of places to stay. If you're on a budget I'd recommend considering either hostels or capsule hotels. Hostels can be great because you're often with others even if you have a private room so you can meet other travellers and they often also include at least one meal per day. I usually think of airbnb more for longer term stays but that's just me. Do whatever you're comfortable with and whatever fits your budget, there are a ton of options.

7.) Given your 7-10 day time frame and it being your first time, I'd recommend not going all over the place. As above, I'd recommend Tokyo, Kyoto and maybe one other city. If you try to go too many places it's just going to cost you a lot of money in travel and you'll really only get an unsatisfying taste of each place you go anyway.

8.) It really depends. Japan isn't necessarily a cheap place to go but there are high, medium, and low budget options for almost everything you can see/do there. For me, I don't care too much about lodging and food, I just need a clean fairly convenient place to sleep and a full stomach, so I go cheap in those areas such that I have more money to spend going places and doing things.

It's no trouble at all. If you have any more questions or more specific questions, feel free to ask.

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Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/10/17
thank you so much for the help and i will ask more as soon i feel i am getting lose on my research again hahahahaha THANK YOU
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Posted 10/11/17 , edited 10/14/17
I've not been to Japan (it's at the top of my travel bucket list) so can't comment on what to see, although Kyoto and Tokyo seem like must see places and perfect for a first trip. Aside from that, knowing your interests will be helpful. When I finally go, a stay in a ryokan and a visit to an onsen are musts. The Ghibli museum too, and I hear that sells out quickly, so get tickets way in advance if you can.

As for flights, I saw an article recently that said that flying into Nagoya can be much cheaper than flying into Tokyo, and there are direct flights from Seattle, LA, maybe a couple other North American cities. Nagoya is located between Kyoto and Tokyo, so getting to either shouldn't be difficult.

Also look at departure cities. My sister and her husband/kids went to Japan last year for a wedding. Flights from San Francisco (where they live) were really expensive, but were much cheaper from LA. They flew LA to Tokyo, and flew to LA from SF the night before. The LA to Tokyo flight with the flight from SF to LA and the motel was several hundred dollars cheaper than flying direct from San Francisco.
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Posted 10/14/17 , edited 10/14/17
thanks i live in Las Vegas NV and for what i have seen looks like i'm flying to LA as well lol
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