Post Reply Wonderful, wholsome anime, but WHY put loli fanservice in the opening credits?
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Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/9/17
I nearly didn't watch this wonderful show because the opening credits belong in a trashy loli ecchi, and I really hate lolicon! Adorable little girl characters are high on my list of favorite anime things, because they remind me of my daughter as a little one and I get all daddy, so sexualizing them pisses me off.

Anyways, why did they do that? The people who lust after lolis won't find much to drool at and uptight buggers like me might pass because we were mislead.

If there's more like this, other than Usagi Drop, please tell me, I LOVE that kind of show!
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Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/10/17
*Reviews said credits again*

I assume you're not talking about...Hina, was her name? Long time since I seen the show, but I did not notice anything too overt in the credits in comparison to the anime, considering that Miu and Sora do have these moments spread out a bit in the entire series. As a veteran anime watcher, I am perhaps a bit desensitized and apathetic to these showings, but based on this level of discomfort, I would say that such things do pervade in this anime with a certain level of certainty.

Unfortunately, not too familiar besides Usagi Drop for this genre, but I believe Clannad Afterstory may fulfill your desire, though it is the second season to Clannad, which does not cover the topic. (Couple transitions from High School to past graduation.)

I may also recommend Sweetness & Lightning, which seems relatively safe from what I have heard. (Single Father who works as a High School Teacher is forced to balance raising his child and maintaining his job, with his lackluster cooking skills making takeout and instant ramen a common occurrence. A chance encounter with a student leads to the father developing a rapport with said student, who feeds them home made meals while teaching the father to cook, among other events.)

Perhaps Barakmon does fit this trope as well, since the resident children are the farthest thing from being sexualized, yet quite endearing. (A jerk of an artist is exiled by his father to a rural setting, where he learns to loosen up and stop being a jerk, with the community barging into his doorsteps, which includes children.)

Sorry I cannot be of more help.
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Posted 10/10/17 , edited 10/10/17
I'd count all the girls as being children, so any fanservice counts as loli to me. Now that you mention it there was some, but I didn't notice most of it because it was just part of the story. (The guy accidentally seeing the oldest in her undies because the apartment's too small for example) There was nothing lewd about the setups and the guy doesn't see the girls sexually so there's nothing wrong with it.

Don't get me wrong though, I like a filthy ecchi (I'm a guy, eh?) but the girls need to be adult, or nearly adult! High School DxD and High School of the Dead are among my top 10 all time favorites.

Thanks for the suggestions!

EDIT: Barakmon was amazing, The prequel damn near killed me, it was so funny!

Sweetness and Lightning (or whatever, I forget the name) is one I've been looking for... TYVM!!
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