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Posted 10/9/17 , edited 10/9/17
Hello everyone!

I hope that a few will actually see this one, and notice my little group. After the band shirt became, well, kind of a fashion statement, I decided to start making a battle vest. When wearing my shirts and hoodies I always get the question wether I actually knew this band. Yes, I do. Probably better than you So, I thought about holding up signs that say: Yes, I like metal! Yes, I am a girl! Yes, you can shut up now! But it did't seem that practical, so I thought of pursuing my idea of making a battle vest. In german it is called Kutte. But here we go, the struggle begins. What is the perfect back patch? I know what kind of patches I want and I have a few, but the back patch... damn.
I have to admit that I really like metallica, for I grew with them. I started playing guitar a few months ago, and one of my first songs to learn is nothing else matters (classic). But, I am still torn. Metallica influenced me a lot and I love it, but is it to "basic" to get a metallica back patch? Can I run around in it without a back patch for some time? Arrrghhh I can't decide.

Tell me your thoughts! Rock on!

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