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Posted 10/10/17 , edited 10/10/17
Tell me a random story. Funny ones, scary ones, idc as long as it happened to you. I'm bored af and I don't want to study yet

I took driving lessons last year. One time, my instructor told me to park parallel in between two cars. Alright, that's easy. I drive all the way to the parking spot. I look behind the car, and reach for the gear stick as i prepare to shift to reverse. But with my luck, I accidentally grasp my instructor's knee instead of the gear stick.

It took me about 5 seconds to realize that it wasn't the gear stick lol. I put my face in my palms and shouted "OH MY GOD I'M SORRY" over and over again while he simultaneously said "it's okay."

I spent the remaining 2 hours trying to evade his advances (he was already hitting on me prior to this event).

My friends joke about it as that one time I almost grabbed another "gear stick"
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Posted 10/10/17 , edited 10/11/17
May or may not come back with an actual story of my own later, but for now have this

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.

He could actually save people from death?

The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural.

What happened to him?

He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.
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Posted 10/12/17 , edited 10/13/17
A group of military commandos go down to Guatemala in search of missing cabinet ministers and missing fellow soldiers. They find all them dead and get some revenge on the guys that did. Unbeknownst to them, they are being stalked by an alien. The alien one by one picks them off. The commandos try to fight it with one last stand, but fail. While running from the alien, the team leader is separated from the last survivor. He decides to fight the alien one on one. He beats the alien, but the alien uses a self destruct to try to kill him. This time, the alien fails and the team leader returns home
Posted 10/13/17 , edited 10/13/17
Steve worked for an upscale temp agency. It was his job to fill difficult positions and ask the hard questions to see if people really qualified for the jobs they were after.

It was just another day at the office and a pile of folders had piled up in front of him. His schedule was jammed with back-to-back interviews and his eyes were on the clock, looking forward to going home.

He shifted a folder towards him, opened it up and quickly scanned over the unfilled position at Domico Veterinary. This was a hard one since the employer had a contract with the city shelter — and the job involved putting down overflow animals that were otherwise healthy.

Steve’s eyes grimaced. He hated having to fill this position, but he hated more that this position even existed in the first place. Most people know that animal shelters help animals, but what a lot don’t know is that they often shut down on Mondays to euthanise any unadopted ones. Euthanise is another name for "kill". It’s not something they want to do, but otherwise they won’t have room for new animals coming in.

Steve always felt bad on Sundays since he knew it was the last day for a lot of desperate dogs and cats. In a way he hoped by not filling this position he would save some animal lives — but he also knew that he was just dreaming rainbows, and that it had to be done.

Steve looked up as Nancy entered. Nancy was around 30, with long blond hair and a nice smile. She didn’t really look the “nerves of steel” type, but Clark hoped that this time around, looks would be deceiving.

He motioned for her to sit down. They made some small talk but then Clark cut to the chase.

“I’ll be honest and straightforward, and if you want the job, I need you to answer truthfully and directly too.”

She nodded, ready.

“What we’re really looking for is someone who won’t flinch at killing them."

Nancy didn’t flinch. This was a good sign.

“I can handle that,” said Nancy.

Inside Steve felt sick.

“A quarter of the job involves making sure they don’t get sick, but the rest is putting them down. You’ve obviously done that before?”

Nancy nodded her head.

“Off the record, how do you do it?”

Nancy thought about it for a moment.

“I’ve looked into their eyes and watched the life go out of them. I’ve done it in quite few different ways.”

Something about her statement disturbed Steve, but here was his first candidate who actually seemed fine with the position. She looked around nervously, not sure if she could continue… but she did.

“The younger they are the easier it is, since they don’t really know what’s coming next. The older ones can sense what you want to do — and put up a struggle. I always, of course, try not to do it unless I really, really have to.”

“I’m sure it must be hard,” empathised Steve.

“It is. But I’m really good at what I do and I’m discreet,” she said.

He shook Nancy’s hand and said he’d get back to her then placed her file on the great possibility pile.

As she was leaving, his next interviewee entered: a man in late 40s, with a long beard and pierced nose. Steve looked down at his desk, confused. In front of him was a folder to be the executive Nanny for several children.

“You’re here for the Nanny position?”

“No,” chuffed the bearded man, "for Domico Veterinary.”

Steve immediately hurried out of his office towards his assistant.

“The woman who walked in… what position was she here for?”

“The Nanny position. That was Nancy James. She comes highly recommended,” said his assistant.

Nanny position?
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Posted 6/25/18 , edited 6/26/18
True story

When I was dating my wife back in Kansas we got this hotel room at the red roof inn and she kept having this creepy feeling something wasn't right about our room. so while i was in the bathroom she started talking to no one I came out asked her what she said and she stated she thought she was talking to me since she saw me somewhere else. Then later she said she felt that the bed next to her was being pushed down like someone was laying there where no one was. I left her later that night for guard duty at the base and when I returned she had asked the manager to change rooms and left her makeup in there since she was in a hurry to leave, So annoyed I got the key and went back into the room alone. And man was I pissed first off I didn't believe in ghost haunt out cheap hotel room so I started strutting round call out to a no exist ghost calling it everything I can thing of. I reached the bathroom when slam all the blind in the room fell down together and the the lights died leaving the room in complete darkness.

So I ran out and ever since then I've been haunted last time I told this story to a friend at my house he dint believe me when bang a loud smack hit the sofa to him. So I am a forever haunted by a ghost in permanent come at me bro mode.
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Posted 6/26/18 , edited 6/26/18
^ Dude, I still don't believe in ghosts but I'm trying to be open mind. Been watching a lot of this ghosts videos especially Nuke's Top 5
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Posted 6/27/18 , edited 6/27/18
Okay I have a few super mini stories and they are all related because they're all when I was mistaken as a guy.

In high school, when my friend's dad first met me he thought I was the boyfriend of another friend. Another time in high school, I went over to my friend's house for the first time and her little sister opened the door and she had a look of fear in her face because she believed I was a strange boy coming over.

In early college, I sang karaoke with my dad (Hotel California) but this time I was wearing a black mini skirt so I thought I wouldn't be mistaken as a guy.. nope, the karaoke person said "give round of applause to (Dad's name) and his son".

Another time in early college, I was working in a bookstore inside a church and this young woman approaches me and starts to flirt, batting her eyes and asking me questions about myself. Then the young woman's friend walks in the bookstore and stares at me.. she gave this particular look as if to see if I was safe to talk to or not. Before the young woman left she asked for my name.. and let me tell you, it doesn't help the fact that my name is unisex -___-"

Then lastly, I took my niece to the same church I work at and this older woman said my niece was cute... then asked if I was the father!
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Posted 6/28/18 , edited 6/28/18
I was transferring lines on the Paris Metro with a friend. We were at Barbes rochechouart transferring to line 2. The car that we were on was packed to maximum capacity with men. We started to joke to ease the tension about how this was fine because they were now all our husbands. It was not fine. Some of the men understood us and started to get weird. There was a lot of weird hand holding and guys smiling. We were like the only two women in the entire car.
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Posted 6/28/18 , edited 6/28/18
About 6 years ago, my friends and I are smoking it up at our buddies house. After a couple bowls one of my friend, gets the great idea to break in the local church and get high. Me being the goodie two shoes of the group, advised against it, but ends up I followed them In the church . By the end of the night we were dressed with the priest outfits, candles all around the table with the bong in the middle. We looked like a bunch of cult members having a secret candlelight meeting in the basement. We called it the last supper. Can't say it's my proudest day of my life.
I will probably burn in hell for this
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Posted 7/20/18 , edited 7/20/18
I woke up today with my room still dark. I thought to check my phone before I got out of bed. The light from the phone with my eyes not adjusting yet was blinding! I then thought “why not keep a pair of sunglasses by my bed?!?” A original idea I’m sure, lol.
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Posted 7/22/18 , edited 7/22/18
I was riding the subway home from a friend's place with my sister and we had to ride two lines the entire way. Before the doors closed, these two guys came on; one was holding a Bible while the other was holding a guitar. I didn't think much of it and dozed off. About halfway through the line the guy holding the Bible was yelling verses while the other guy was loudly playing random chords. I was pissed only because I was sleep deprived as all hell (and also because it's really easy to piss me off ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

When we got to the end of the first line, I was relieved that I didn't have to hear whatever that was hopefully for the rest of my life. But then the pair stepped on the second line we were supposed to be on and did the same whole song and dance again. Fantastic.

I should probably mention that my sister was completely unconscious for both of these rides and didn't hear anything.
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Posted 7/22/18 , edited 7/22/18
My teammates and I surrendered last match because our Master Yi left the game.
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Posted 7/24/18 , edited 7/24/18
When I first started watching My Hero Academia, I was watching the dub and I mistakenly thought that Present Mic's name was actually Prison Mike (which would have been a really amusing reference to The US version of The Office if it was)

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23 / AH / Helipad
Posted 7/25/18 , edited 7/25/18
Once upon a time, when I was a little kid, I wanted to hold my dog's leash when we were walking on the trail. This dog was one to pull pretty hard, but I was adamant. Needless to say, I was dragged face first through the mud until I finally decided to let go of the leash. Not a single fuck was given by that dog that day, no sirree.
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31 / Michigan
Posted 7/26/18 , edited 7/27/18
I went to the mall yesterday only to find out they were closed. The entire mall. Well, it didn't even look like a mall. There wasn't even a fucking entrance. Turns out, it was a big blueberry patch. Worst mall I've ever been to.
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