Post Reply Itazura na Kiss - halfway through, should I continue? Spoilers
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Posted 10/10/17 , edited 10/10/17
I started watching this recently and I'm on episode 7 or so. It is cute and funny, but it's getting a little painful. I love rom com, but this is just a little too masochistic, maybe. The love interest Irie is a mean robot, and the sweet little main character has just no backbone. I do love the mom, though.

Does it get better, as in do their personalities change at all? Or is this basically how the characters are and somehow they get together anyway?
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Posted 10/11/17 , edited 10/11/17
yes it really starts off like that but it gets better. you should watch til the end. at first I thought the same but I finished it and ended up really liking it. Irie will change.
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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/17/17
Eh, I still hated him mostly by the end of the series. The sequel sits in my queue unwatched for that reason.
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