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Post Reply Upcoming court case regarding legality of Marijuana
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Posted 10/13/17 , edited 10/14/17

DevinKuska wrote:

Lance_Clemings wrote:

Currently high as a kite, complete with an unshakable smile. (I can't stop smiling. I'm literally trying to frown, growl or anything, but can't), world is kind of spinning, hand-eye coordination feels... off.

Am I gonna die? No.
Am I gonna hurt some? No, even less so then normal. I can't seem to conceive notions or thoughts of violence atm.
Will I regret this later? No, high will be long gone when I wake up tomorrow.
Am I using it responsibly? First time since last blue moon, and I'm just typing on a forum, watching anime, and playing Skyrim. Let you decide.
Will I wake up tomorrow and regret posting this? Odds are ya, but that's anytime I post past 1am.
Notice the lack of duh, fuck, shit, and stick up the arse? I certainly did. :P

It's not a schedule 1, and even if somehow it had no medical properties other then getting high, it's a high that is one of the safest highs one can get. No one gets violent or dangerous. No one gets hurt. and the worst that happens.(outside of utterly wasted) is the infamous munches.

"No one DIRECTLY gets hurt" since thousands have been murdered for illegal possession or illegal sales of it via cartel, gangs, or their peers. Sorry I am OCD about misleading statements. I get what you mean.

That's a given. Reason I'm a 'wannabe anarchist', and it's shit like this. All because it was illegal in the first place. Fuck the government, all they ever do at the end of the day is steal, murder, kidnap, and lie. Even if it is indirectly though their selfishness, or directly against those who oppose them by smoking a plant they don't like.

Also, I'm clearly not high anymore. All my shits, fucks, negativity, and other profanity is back. :D

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Posted 10/14/17 , edited 10/15/17
I cannot wait for the day that I can buy and smoke weed without having to worry about my life being ruined because of some bullshit law.
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