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Posted 10/12/17 , edited 10/12/17
I have now crunchyroll on my TV (android 8) on my browser (website) and on my Win 10 PC (app)
And I am not happy with neither of the video playback.
They suck balls. (salty brown chocolate balls if you ask me)

Anyway, since I don't speak any Japanese ... and I want to get what is going on on screen (aside from subtitles) I am pausing each time a new subtitle comes up.
In browser the subtitles "blink" when the controls move. (and a few other inconveniences)
In Android I have a control bar that covers 1/3 of screen and also buffers each time I unpause the video.
On Win 10 app there are no key shortcuts to control it ... it reacts wired to spacebar though ... it either does nothing, pauses the video, or jumps back ... at random.

The whole experience sucks.

The Android App needs a TV mode with much smaller controls.
And the Win 10 App needs keyboard shortcuts. (but if there are any please tell me)
(I don't give two hoots about the browser version)

I will cancelled my subscription! (if there is no improvement soon ... because I get better video support from illegal sites)
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