Post Reply When does the Fate route really start picking up in F S/N?
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Posted 10/15/17 , edited 10/16/17
I already watched Fate Stay/Night (Unlimited Blade Works) and I got interested in watching the Fate route and have been watching the 6/10 FSN from 2006, and at like episode 6 all of the events have been the same. I was just wondering which episode really starts going towards the Fate route?

Also don't tell me to read the VN because I'll probably end up doing that eventually anyways lol I know DEEN's animations suck but like, y'know, "When people are killed, they die" -Emiya Shirou
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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
It has been a while since I watched the 2006 series but a key early difference between the Fate route and UBW route is that Saber injures Archer in Fate but is stopped by Shirou in UBW. I can't remember if they covered that aspect in 2006 even though it is pivotal to Archer's later role in the series.

The big early difference in the 2006 series I remember is that Rider has a much bigger role. I am not sure which episode that storyline starts but it must be fairly early.

If you are up to episode 6 you must have seen a big difference in the first Berserker battle, where Archer takes a back seat.
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