Florida Man Donut Detainment

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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17

A Florida man received a small settlement due to having been arrested for possession when Krispy Kreme glaze tested positive in two field kits. Arresting officers received reprimand for improper arrest. Local police underwent retraining on all related matters.

All this just goes to show that you should not eat crappy confectionaries in your car without wet wipes, really. It can only lead to sticky situations.

Also ants.
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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17

Gimme some of dem donuts.
I can't be the bad guy when it comes to donuts!
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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
Yeah, it's not really a laughing matter when you understand what's actually happening, and it's not new, been going on for decades.
This is the true sociopathic nature of capitalism, people.



U.S. Prison privatisation for profit requires more arrests & detainees.
Charges need not be legitimate, so long as prisons are filled with labour & headcount.
Increased turnover as each detainee reaches court date & is released only to be replaced by new falsely charged detainees increases profit, and your U.S. tax dollars are being used to line their corporate wallets.
Police are given faulty drug test field kits on purpose, and are only too happy to go along with an increase in arrest counts, which is good for their career stats, followed by mandated detention until "real" drug results are returned from an overworked set of affiliated testing labs, many of whom also return false positives,
requiring legal counsel to get tests redone by independent labs to prove innocence, often long after trial & sentencing.

Rich people never enter the system as they can pay their way out of the initial arrest,
that is, if some cop should happen to be dumb enough to risk their own career by arresting anyone with enough wealth, connections & influence to impact their superiors' political careers.

But hey, they're US tax dollars, and US citizens are voting these decisions in with their choice of congressional member & willingness to believe BS political lies about 'trickle down' reaganomics. (also known as the feudal system).

Classless society? Yeah right.
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