Post Reply New Premium member login issues
Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
Hey people! I have recently joined crunchyroll as a premium member and have not been able to login anywhere else but on the crunchyroll computer desktop site . When I use the same credentials on either the crunchyroll android app, or on the mobile/desktop website, through the android chrome webbrowser, I get an error message stating that the login information was incorrect. Then after some trries I get "locked out" of my account for 2 hours (Though I can still login through my computer).
I am pretty sure I am entering my correct information, I even copy pasted my password and email into their respective fields, making sure to only include the characters and no white spaces.

Can anyone please help with this?
Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
Seems I can log in now ... but I have to enter password manually and not by copy and pasting. weird.
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