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Anime with a creepy atmosphere...

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Posted 10/26/17 , edited 10/27/17
Steer clear of Higurashi imo. Early on it uses the same characters but something different happens every story arc, and you can't tell wtf is going on. Later a lot is explained but you have to sit through episodes on episodes of loli murders just to start to understand, and the anime is intentionally confusing. This may appeal to some people but it's lazy imo.

Flowers of Evil is just edginess for the sake of edginess imo. Angsty teenagers. I liked the animation (many didn't) but I didn't like the story. Mainly commenting to give a warning about the animation, it's rotoscoping, kind of strange to see.

New anime for the list:
Mushishi. (Some people find it a bit slow. Some stories are a bit creepy but it also makes you like the universe of the anime. I love how the spirits are just like animals too. Doing their own thing. Occasionally having different goals to humans, and that's when things go wrong.)
Soul Eater (The growth and development of death scythes and their masters (all of whom are teenagers. Go figure.))
Natsume Yuujinchou (Cute anime)
Brynhildr in the Darkness (Amazing story. Poor execution. Put this at the bottom of your list. I liked it, but I had already read the manga.)

And wanted to add support to some anime said before. They are definitely all better than Brynhildr:
Monster (Not that creepy. More "Thriller". But an amazing anime.)
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia (I liked it. Saw it quite a while ago though.)
Another (Really ramps up near the end)
Parasyte (Really good. Really good. Kana is best girl (Those who saw it know what I mean.))
Yamishibai (Bite size horror. New setting every episode, really good. Want to be creeped out by 15 different things when you go to sleep tonight? Pick this one.)
Danganronpa (Fun anime. Over the top murder mystery with high school setting. Not too creepy, at least until the garden.)
xxHolic (Amazing. Animation by CLAMP so everyone is stick thin, need to get used to it, but such a great anime. I guess I'd call it a comedy set in a supernatural world.)
Blood+ (Haji is awesome)

I also liked Deadman Wonderland. But prepare to be disappointed by how short it is.

Finally, Ghost Stories. English Dub. English Dub only. It's a ridiculous dub done by people who weren't paid enough and didn't give a crap about what they were saying, paid for by people who had already lost too much money of the japanese dub and were just trying to get back some of their losses. Prepare for casual racism, anti-religiosity and misogyny. It is an abomination. Prepare to laugh like you have never laughed before at things you should be ashamed about laughing at.
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Posted 10/28/17 , edited 10/29/17
Posted 10/29/17 , edited 10/29/17
People keep commenting. Thank you all! I have plenty to watch now
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Posted 11/14/17 , edited 11/15/17

Jigoku shoujo


Corpse party.


Mayoiga (Give or take)
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Posted 11/15/17 , edited 11/15/17
Shiki sounds like a really good horror anime from the reactions I've seen.

Shin Sekai Yori should be included in the 'creepy atmosphere' category.

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