Shows not showing up under the all catogory

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Posted 10/16/17 , edited 10/16/17
Hi I could not find a real good place to say this but it is something that I noticed the other day and thought I could give a heads up.

In the PS3 app when you go to the 'all' section there are titles missing from the end of the alphabet. Yokuwakaru Gendei Maho is the last title that shows up on the list but I came to the website and there should be 28 titles after that one that are not showing up. You can still access the title if they are in your queue or you use the search.

I am guessing that the list just reached its available limit or something I just wanted to let you know that there are title that are available that some people may not be able to find.

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Posted 11/21/17 , edited 11/21/17
Same issue here (PS4)- nothing after Walkure Romanze shows up except through search.
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Posted 12/4/17 , edited 12/5/17
Yep... seems theres a limit to the amount of shows that can be listed in the "all" category... Kind of like the issue One Piece was having months ago where the newest episodes weren't showing due to a limit of 999 episodes only.
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