Post Reply What do you do with the free bags from anime conventions
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Posted 10/17/17 , edited 10/18/17
Hello humans, I've been going to a lot of conventions lately and all these conventions give out these free bags like crazy.
I think you probably know what I'm talking about but anyways I was wondering what you guys do with them after the con is over.
I have like 15 collecting dust , please help me because it seems like a waste to throw them out.

example images below if you're still not sure about what I'm talking about

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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17
Well they're advertisements in bag shape. Keep 'em if you want. If they're fabric maybe you could donate them to Good Will or something.
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Posted 10/29/17 , edited 10/29/17
Maybe you could put your other things in there?
Or you could sell them?
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