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Posted 11/10/17 , edited 11/11/17
I do care much about the test [itself] since it is likely based on the W.E.I.R.D. (westernized, educated, industrialized, rich, and democratic) culture as defined by cultural anthropology; the elements get its symbolic association from the system of meaning in the WEIRD culture. However, I would try the quiz from my curiosity of the WERID culture; I want to understand the current dynamics of the WEIRD culture as it interact with the changing society.

You are EARTH.
People of the Earth element are hardworking, genuine and determined. You know what needs to get done. You know how to get a good life, and you need to earn it. You have a powerful heart and an appreciation for the smaller things. You could stand to be a bit less rigid and take a breath once in a while. If you keep pushing forward without a rest you'll come off intimidating to others. That aside, you are sturdy and self efficient and make a reliable ally

From the result, I get earth and this symbolic association of earth is pretty much consistent with the WEIRD culture [from common understanding].
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