A game i feel should have an anime adaption.

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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17
Honestly out of all the video games i can think of that would make a good anime, and be somewhat unique, and very atmospheric would be an anime of Silent Hill. One of the most atmospheric, terrifying, and emotional invested games of all time. Where each Silent Hill story revolves around one character, and their sins in life, people they lost, and choices they made. Everything they see, from the creatures, environment, and people they meet all have somethings intertwined with that person. Everything around them seems like a nightmare, and that nothing, not even the person the game is based on feels like they can be seen as trustworthy, and a good person, which makes the characters all that more interesting.

I feel like an anime adaption of this would be excellent, and could really improve the way many people see horror animes, which for the most part is just gore, and no real atmosphere, and nothing about them is really anything more than generic horror scares, and again..gore.. Very few horror animes i feel really captured the essence of something like Silent Hill, or movies like The Shinning. I think the only horror animes that really was made was animes like Monster, Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent, while not all total horror, can be seen as psychological horror, and very unnerving. As long as the anime really tries to capture what makes Silent Hill great, i think it could be one of the best horror animes ever made.. Out of all the genres in anime, i feel like horror needs the most help in boosting its popularity, and the way people view it.
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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17
Konami is more interested in their Pachinko parlors. I think if they had continued to work on Silent Hills with Guillermo del Toro that there might have been enough buzz and motivation to make an anime, but that series may be lost forever now.
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