Which ethnicity is the smartest?
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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17
I choose Caucasian. I think Cauacsian deserves a lot of credits. Caucasian is like the Iron Man smart, they understand the working principles and Physics laws. Asian is more on a mathmatical level in terms of creating algorithms and architectures. Indian is more on an algorithmic and math side as well.

In theory, Caucasians create the next Physics law and Math while Asian combine their ideas into an algorithmic sense to unlock the impossible.

What does the above sentence means?

As a computer programmer I can explain. Caucasian creates a very well written FreeCAD library usable by c#, it could be open source and free, but lacking a few functions. The core part of this program is of course written by some unknown PHD. The open source project builds up upon this core drawing project and create ports for other users to use and link to. The core drawing structure is flawless, but the ports lack functionalities, it could be missing arrays, it could be missing layering properties.

The next Caucasian that comes in would attempt to use the ports to create drawings. That's when he looks up on Google to search for the next available functions or libraries to port. Of course there is no such thing since it is not written up in the application. The person gives up, and moves on to the next available application.

The Asian/Indian comes in, sees the program and create the next available porting mechanism for this core program. So now the ports and applications look good, but he/she does not understand the core program of drawing the structure created by the PHD, it is probably in pointers of pointers written in c.

This sort of sums up the current market today. In the Caucasian society, the core structures are good, but if you want customization, you better wait another year until it is posted in the patch.

The Asian society patches things again and again, but our understanding of the core structures are quite limited.
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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17

Okay Fred. Some of your threads are pretty goofy, and some seem a bit insensitive but not ill-intentioned, and I haven't considered you to be a troll.

But this topic? Even if you aren't intending to troll, this gives every appearance that you are doing so.

A thread which boldly relies on ethnic or race-related presumptions regarding "smarts" is simply not appropriate.

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