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Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/18/17
Hi, hit financial difficulties recently, so I was going to simply cancel my subscription entirely until I could afford a full membership again, until I realised that I was actually wasting a lot of money on Premium +, when a normal Premium would suit me just fine, as the features of Plus are either not applicable to my region or I've never made use of them, and probably never would.

Right now my renewal is cancelled, but if I could switch it so that the renewal switches to Non-plus Premium, I would do that. However, it won't let me, telling me that: "You may not change your plan at this time". I even tried switching renewal on again, but it still wouldn't let me change the plan.

Do I need to wait for my current subscription to run out first? Or is there some kind of availability problem with Plain Premium? I live in the UK, could that be the root of my problem?
Posted 10/18/17 , edited 10/19/17

KagatoTEG wrote:
Do I need to wait for my current subscription to run out first?

Yep that pretty much how it goes. Generally changing from premium to premium + or the other way around confuses their system.

If you have any issues then with being stuck in free trial limbo use
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