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Posted 10/20/17 , edited 10/20/17

ranran-001 wrote:

Greylurker wrote:

ranran-001 wrote:

A couple of things I would do with a 3d printer:

A case to hold a lithium battery for a custom PSP battery. Ideally, it would also have a pair of hinges so that it can lock onto the top of the psp.

A lens filter ring/tube for a camera bellows

A medium format negative mask. It would hold a 220 film negative flat so that it can copied from a light box.

A skew sharpening jig. Would be designed specifically for left and right skewed chisels, and have only a fixed bevel angle.

These I think would be relatively simple to design, with some trial and error of course, but I can't justify the cost of purchasing one after I have finished those printing those four things.

It is possible to just Order something printed. My Surface comes with a primitive 3D modelling program but it includes a button that lets me send away the design to be Printed and then they mail you the object.

I just found an alternative. One of the library branches in my area has a 3d printer where I can reserve access to it. They supply the plastic and the computer. I would only have to make the file in advance and bring it on a flash drive.

One question I have is when it comes to printing the object, is the orientation or position going to affect how it prints? The object that I would like to print would be shaped to fit on the backside of a PSP, and I would like it to have two circle shaped notches that would fit into an accessory slot on the top side of the PSP slim.

Gotta watch out for any overhangs, print it on a flat side, is my suggestion. Make sure that enough surface area is touching the bed, or else it might not stick on the bed.

Posted 10/20/17 , edited 10/21/17
I've gone to a minor class thing to look into 3D printing before if that counts.

Its been a long while and I didn't learn much from it (mostly due to a lack of motivation) however I did get to see it printing things and got a free 3D Printed Bowser model from mario 64 which was neat. It didn't turn out very well however and its quite small. This is likely to do with the model not really being design to... be 3D printed but it was neat nonetheless.

Its certainly an interesting thing however not for me.
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Posted 10/20/17 , edited 10/21/17
i bought a i3 clone from china as a kit. 160 shipped. had to drop another 40 on an extruder head. also some werid bits like the sd card not working, a weird driver board and inverted home axis.
all in all a fair bit of work, but works well. 0.3mm nozzle on it.
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Posted 10/21/17 , edited 10/21/17
Took me a while to get everything least until they stopped working. Having some troubles with the feeder tube now which is annoying the heck out of me.

Spent a night going through the Marlin code section by section and making notes about what I thought might fix the thing. or turn different functions one.

Sometimes I wish I had bought a preassembled one but at the same time, this way I know the machine inside and out.
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