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Posted 10/22/17 , edited 10/22/17
Sorry for my bad grammar, English is my second language.

This is a topic that I want to know your opinion about, I to give report about this on school.

Steins;Gate 0 is close, and for those that don't know it envolves AI, but there are already some like Phycho-pass and other animes.

Can you tell me ...
if it would be dangerous if AI came in reality?
how would people react?
if you think it is possible or not, and why.

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Posted 10/22/17 , edited 10/22/17
in my opinion, not entirely based on science fiction flicks, I feel if AI came into existence one of two things will happen, possibly third. one, they will be helpful, second they will find error and third they will either destroy and/or control us. however there's the option that AI could fight against other AI to protest us or there could be the situation that we're nothing more than a battery (the matrix). people would probably be pretty good with it, since we're already bringing in the robots. I know that some society wants to see robots as sex objects and a lot would/are seeing them as helpful creations with farming, etc. but, what if there's a blade runner situation where they get close to death and want to cause chaos instead of going quietly? there are so many variables, only time will truly tell.
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