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Posted 10/23/17 , edited 10/23/17
I have been thinking about a workaround for the last couple days for reading mangas from crunchy roll at my pc; since the website version lacks the feature to favorite or bookmark pages in mangas I like, I have resorted to do some research on android emulation so I can run the manga app on my pc.
Here are the apps I have tried:
Android-x86 along with Virtual box:
It was a simple install for my part, but it would not be ideal for my laptop if I were running it on battery since it is CPU intense to keep the virtual machine open.
Vox player
This has been a nice alternative so far, it is easy to install and it wouldn't drain your battery really fast as the virtual box would do, the only few downsides are inside the android emulator there is some ads at the home menu by the developer that you can't delete. Also this future has some nice gesture features making manga reading even better.
So this are my findings, if you have any other recommendations I would be more than happy to see them, because it seems that crunchyroll won't be adding the bookmark and favorite features in their web page any time soon.
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Posted 10/23/17 , edited 10/23/17
doesn't CR have a windows 10 app for it? premium users having to deal with an add-based app seems pretty sad, especially when there are non-legit means of reading manga that works better and is ad-free. then again, manga on CR is only offered as an after-thought.
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