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Posted 10/23/17 , edited 10/24/17
I emailed asking for help over a week ago, and talked to a guy who verified my language was set to English and had me delete the cache and app data and redownload it and provided photographic proof I did so. But I'm still getting French subtitles. So they said they'd transfer me to a specialist. It's been a week and I've received no further contact from anyone and I'm still getting French.

Please, I just want an update. I just want confirmation that someone saw and is actually working on fixing my problem. I understand Crunchyroll is busy and get tons of these everyday, I understand that some problems take months to fix, I just want someone to say hi, yes, we see you, we're working on it. Because I don't even know if my problem was actually ever transferred to a "specialist."
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Posted 10/18/18 , edited 10/19/18
I realize this is a year late, but this is also a year-long problem that I've had.

The only "solution" I can think of is to watch the show either through YouTube or RoosterTeeth (but their website has gone all sorts of wack, so good luck navigating through it).
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