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Within the witch world of Solaris lies the prestigious Luneah academy. Where witches who have a single skill paired with broom flying, attend in either of the two usual classes - Dusk and Dawn. For witches in elementals, Divination or potions to study. And an elite class of the night class. Where those who posses unique abilities are placed. Every witch has an animal familiar. As they study their skill and decide if they will live in Solaris, the human world or the world of Yokai, Daku. However within Solaris lies a story about a hidden realm known as Sephire. Where a powerful pure creature simply referred to as an 'fairy' or ' ' is said to be from. Although most witches and Yokai's believe it to be a simple fairytale made up for children. The queen of Solaris is Queen Prima. Who turns out to the grandmother of Lira.

The classes
Dawn and Dusk both have separate classes within them for Elementals, divination and potions. While Night only has a few students so there is one for all Night students. All students uniforms posses the same cape overtop.

When of school property, students are required to wear their hood at all times, and to use the hood to cover their heads to keep their identity a secret. In general, witches usually wear black and grey in their spare time.

The dorm is on the East side of the academy. Their uniform colors are black and orange. The dorm building appears to be designed around Chinese teahouses.

The dorm is on the West side of the Academy. Their uniform colors are black and yellow. The dorm building appears to be designed around an victorian gothic mansion.

The dorm is behind the academy, to the South. Despite being considered 'elite', due to their abilities that don't fit in with the normal witch skills, they are usually casted as 'weird' or 'freaks'. Their uniform colors are black and white. The dorm building only holds 9 rooms for students. With one shared bathhouse and a common room featuring a table and a sofa. And a kitchen. With the patio doors view of the forbidden meadow. It's safe to say that Night students aren't treated as well as they should be.

The school
The school is located in the south of Solaris in the kingdom of Nix. Which contains the forbidden meadow, a meadow of red spider lillies covered in fog, believed to be an entranceway to Daku, connecting to what is called in Daku as 'The cursed field'. It is believed that anyone who enters the meadow/field in either world will be cursed due to spirits losing their abilities to change or witches to fly and summon their familiar. So no one is allowed to enter in either world.

The lightning rods on the roof are topped by a moon and a star,

Simplify refered to as the Witch world. The moon is always blue [As in a 'once in a blue moon'] unless it's Halloween, the holy night where festivals occur across the world in every kingdom. When the moon is orange and the barrier to Daku is weakened, this Daku's moon blending with Solarises. The kingdom of Nix contains a witch academy called Lunaeh. As well as an entranceway to Daku. The kingdom also has many herb, crystals and candle stores as well as bakeries and clothing stores. The kingdom of Echo is where the royal family resides, as well as being the capital.

A magical world of magic believed to be made up for children as a lullaby in both Solaris and Daku. However the sprites of Sephire are actually targeted by both worlds if they are discovered. Such as when an Oni named Aki ran into an young Faeling ,who had entered the human world in order to experience a different life, and tortured said sprite into telling him and his trope how to enter. And they went on a killing spree, wiping out and destroying most of Sephire. Including King Twelis. The reason why Sephirains are hunted by both worlds is due to their souls containing magic which makes a witch stronger and as for Yokai they taste far better than anything else and is rumored to grant immortality and the ability to step into other worlds. However, the most hunted Faeling in Sephire would be a 'fairy' which is a rare. With Yuki being the only one to actually ever exist due to the dream crystal itself creating her. Made completly of pure magic, both in body and soul. Her blood carrying stardust within her veins. And moondrops within her tears.

What happened in Sephire
A trope of Yokai's had attacked Sephire, after finding a way in. The force of them breaking into the realm caused the dream crystal [Which generates Sephiran magic] to explode with magic, the magic creating Yuki. The realms fairy princess. However the crystal split into parts and scattered across both Daku and Solaris until it is safe to bring the magic back. Yokai's stormed the realm, casting crimson onto the streets. Causing Twelis, the Cat Sith (A type of cat fairy) who acted as the king opened a gateway to Solaris minutes after the Princess was created. And sent her through to keep her safe. Placing a rare type of spell known as a Changeling block on her. Masking her fairy side. The gateway closing just as the leader of the trope walked up behind him.

When the Princess fell into Solaris
It was midnight one night and one of the academys teachers Naro was on a midnight walk. He was watching the moon when suddenly an unconscious girl fell from the sky. After catching her, he admittedly takes her to the infirmary in the schools main building. Where Chairman Shiso and two other teachers meet him. After she wakes up, they decide to transfer her into Lunaeh due to assuming she was a Witch. Despite her not having any personal memories. Due to her unique abilities (Which they thought was a skill and not magic) she was transfered into the mysterious Night class.

The young fairy princess. Timid. Despite her delicate and fragile looks and personality she can actually fight if needed. Her magic is simply "Dreams" meaning she can manipulate her imagination often themed around spring.

A student in Night Class. Half witch half vampire. His familiar is a rabbit named Ocha. His skill is shadows. Garnet colored eyes, fangs and silver hair. He is themed around the story of the moon rabbit. Including creating a mallet out of shadows if needed during a fight. While he acts cold and distant towards most, he opens up to Yuki due to being able to smell something different about her blood. However due to her Changeling block, he can't tell why it's different.

A student in Night class. With nobel witch blood. Which he tends to keep secret. Especially due to his fathers death being well known within Solaris. His familiar is a red panda called "Cherry". His skill is candy magic. A friendly outgoing person who is protective over those he holds dear. pior to the start of the story, he keeps trying to get Ruru to open up to him. And due to this, he often hangs around with him. Especially since their rooms are next to each other in the Night dorm. Dark blue hair and golden eyes.

A young witch who grew up in an household of Tengus. Who is now the teacher of the Night class at Lunaeh academy. His familiar is a wolf called Wisp. Cold hearted in a similar way as Ruru. Who can easily get violent if needed. Skilled as an assassin in Daku. His ability involves feathers that he can manipulate at will. Making him worthy of teaching Night. Dark purple hair and purple eyes.

Vampire from Daku. Boss of a Vampire mafia. Who is obsessed with Yuki, starting to stalk her. Even kidnapping her two times within the series, once personally and the other sending one of his underlings. However she is rescued by Naro before he could get there the first time. Ruby colored eyes, fangs and black hair. He hates Naro due to him taking out his second hand man (Who he had ordered to kidnap Yuki from Solaris) Sena first meets Yuki when she gets lost visiting the cursed field in Daku. When she was trying to find a crystal shard to find out who she was.

A witch and student in Night class. A calm and caring personality. Often breaking up arguments between Naro and Ruru. He can manipulate red threads which causes him to nicknamed "Fate" by other students. His familiar is a fox called Ringo. Who likes eating apples. Red hair and silver eyes.

A witch. The final student in Night class. Posses pumpkin magic. Orange hair and emerald eyes. Themed around halloween. His familiar is a bat called Hallow. Somewhat perverted.

Supporting characters

A female student in Dusk class. Who believes she should be the most popular witch in Solaris. Given that her oldest brother is engaged to the son of the chairman of Luneah academy. Which she likes to remind to other students and teachers in order to get her way. Her skill is in divination, specializing in Tarot reading. Which she often references. Sarcastic and often harsh towards others. Especially towards the Night class due to not being a student. Her familiar is an owl called Tempe. She especially hates Yuki due to her being the new girl at Lunaeh and transferring straight into Night class.

Chikakos best friend. He's also in Dusk divination with her. Specializing in Ceroscopy. Meaning he tends to carry wax around. He joins in with picking on Yuki.

Chairman Shiso
The female chairman of Lunaeh academy. Who's skill is in Potions despite her not using her abilities. Her familiar is a ferret called Sage.

Queen Prima
The ruler of Solaris. A witch who posses supernatural beauty and her true age is unknown. Her skill type is Elemental, specializing in water. The grandmother of Lira.

King Twelis
The king of Sephire. Who died prior to the start of the series. His last actions were hiding Yuki in Solaris. It is hinted that he knew Queen Prima's son (Lira's deceased father).

The yokai world. Connected to Solaris through the kindgom of Nix. The moon is always red, resembling blood. The scent and smoke from Incense fills the air. Red paper lanterns light the streets. As it's always night time, the sky covered in fog besides around the moon. As red spider lilies grow out of the ground.
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A crimson colored meeting
The crimson red moon guarded the sky above. With thick fog covering the rest of the sky. As the scent of incense filled the air. The field of blood colored red spiderlillies stood strong hidden away from the distant streets of Daku. The faraway red paper lanterns barely noticeable. Silence was the only thing that could be heard. As no one was in sight. Yuki was by herself. Stepping out of the fog. Her clothes different than usual. An oversized black hooded sweater covered her clothes, only showing her thigh high black socks that created an absolute territory between the top of her socks and the hem of the sweater. "Ruru just lended me this without asking where I was going," she mumbled. Her soft eyes glancing up towards the blood colored moon. Remembering when Ruru had caught her sneaking out of the Night dorm only to tell her to use his hooded sweater to hide her girly attire so she wouldn't stick out wherever she was going. Despite the schools rule about wearing the hooded cape when off campus. She tugged on the hems of the oversized sleeves before lightly nodding. Stepping forwards. Crouching down as she started to look for a crystal shard. The dull light making it hard for her to see between the red spider lily flowers. Continuing to look. "Hey, kid, you know your not meant to be in the Cursed field," a strong male voice complained from behind her. Making her lightly jump. She gripped onto the edges of the hood covering her head. Pulling it forwards slightly to hide herself. Her petite fingers curling up against the fabric. "S-Sorry," she mumbled. A sigh escaped the lips of the one behind her. "Maybe you do recognize me, since your afraid to even turn around," he noted. She glanced to the side towards where she had walked through from Solaris. Before lightly blinking. Raising to her petite height. "I-I was only looking for something, I-I didn't mean to cause trouble," she mumbled. Turning around to face him. Looking down at the ground. Her hood covering all of her features. As she fiddled with the hems of her sleeves. "Tsk," the male voice muttered. Suddenly, a hand grabbed the side of her hood. Forcefully pulling her forwards. Causing her to loose her balance. As the force knocked back the hood. Her pale pink sweet scented hair flowing through the air behind her. The moonlight glistening against the silky strands. Her babyfaced doll like features pairing with her stardust filled eyes and snow white skin causing her to stand out against the scenery. Her eyes looking up into his. Meeting with the dark red eyes that seemed to glisten like blood covered rubys. Against his jet black hair. Fangs could be seen in his mouth. And somewhat of a flower boy face. His figure slim with a small amount of muscles. As his attire consisted of a black casual suit paired with a crimson red waistcoat. Tears formed in the corner of her eyes. His eyes widened as they met with hers. "Y-Your not a Yokai... or a witch..." he muttered. She quickly pulled away from his grip. Taking a step backwards. Strands of blood growing out of the ground behind her, tightening together. Causing her to trip over it. Falling backwards onto the ground. Blossom petals flowing away from where she had landed. He took a step forwards. His eyes still focused on her like a wolf, serious and containing no emotion. She was lightly shaking as she looked up at him. Tears melting into her cheeks. He cleared his throat. As he crouched down in-front of her. "You don't have to be afraid," he reassured. His expression softening. She shuffled backwards a few steps. Her heart feeling like it was racing. He stretched his hand out towards her. "I'm Sena," he started. His ruby like eyes glancing down at her hands that were trembling as they gripped onto her chest through the fabric of the hooded sweater. Before his eyes focused back on her. "I-I-I'm Yuki," she mumbled. Still gripping onto her chest. Making herself appear smaller. Sena's hand closed as he leaned it against the ground. "This place is dangerous, you shouldn't be here, especially not even in Daku," he reminded. She lightly nodded as she looked up at him. "I'm only up here because of the view," he continued. She glanced behind him to see the distant view of the rest of Daku. "I-I have to go," she mumbled. She hesitated for a second before pulling out one of Lira's candies from inside the pocket of her dress. Holding it out towards him. "O-One of my friends made this, h-he's good at making candy so please can you not tell anyone you saw me?" she mumbled. Her soft eyes looking up into his. A smile popped on his face as he picked up the candy piece out of her hand. "If you promise to come back, you seem like an interesting girl," he nodded. "You won't tell anyone?" she mumbled. He shock his head. "And I'll help you look for whatever it was you were looking for," he offered. She lightly nodded before lightly bowing her head. And shuffling off into the mist. Her vision blurred by the fog for the next minute. Until she reached the meadow of red spider lilies near the Night dorm in Solaris.
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20 / F / Snow covered Stra...
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Looking after
Sunlight drifted through the closed curtains of the dorm room. Yuki was asleep curled up under the duvet. Hugging a plush against her stomach. Her hair sprayed out on the bed behind her. The door slid open with Nero in the doorway. "So this why she Isn't in class?" he sighed. Closing the door behind him. As he stepped forwards. Knelling down next to the bed. "Hey, little snow, it's time to wake up," he called out. His dark purple eyes looked down at her sleeping face. A sigh escaped his lips. "I swear if I didn't take care of you, you would collapse every day," he sighed. He glanced down at her small blossom colored lips. "Little snow?" he softly added. Watching her curl up slightly. As her eyes slowly fluttered open. "Morning, sleeping beauty," he smiled. "N-Nero?" she mumbled. As her soft eyes looked up into his. "If your just skipping class you should still eat," he reminded. Moving a few strands of her hair behind her ear. She pressed her hand against the bed. Pushing herself up. As she weakly sat up. Pain rushed through her. As the strength left her frail frame. She leaned forwards. Gripping onto her stomach. As she flinched. Nero leaned forwards against the bed. Holding out his arms. "Little snow?" he asked. His eyeline shifting down to her stomach where she was holding. "What's wrong?" he panicked. Placing one of his hands against her back. "I-I'm okay, don't worry," she mumbled. His other hand leaned forwards. Linking his fingers with hers. Gently pulling away her hand. His eyes widened. As crimson stains soaked through her clothes. "Your hurt?" he panicked. Leaning up onto the bed in-front of her. Closing the gap between them. He quickly pulled up the side of her top to see the cut digging into her flesh against her waist. "When did this happen?" he panicked. Placing his hand against the cut. "Last night," she mumbled. Flinching at the added pressure against the cut. "My room is just down the hall, why didn't you wake me?" he panicked. "I-It was late," she mumbled. "So? I don't care what the time is if it's for you, especially if your slowly bleeding out," he complained. Tears glimmered in the corner of her eyes. As she looked up at him. A sigh escaped his lips as he leaned forwards. Pressing his lips against her forehead. Giving her a gentle kiss before pulling away. "This is going to hurt but I need to stitch it up," he reminded. She lightly nodded. With a click of his fingers, purple smoke drifted through the air. As Wisp suddenly appeared next to him. Holding a first aid kit in-between his jaws. Placing it down on the bed next to Nero. Before nudging his nose against Yuki's hand. "It's only a small cut," she mumbled. Gently patting Wisp behind his fluffy ears. That lightly twitched. As his tail swung behind him. Nero glanced down at his familiar before focusing on the cut. "For a half vampire that guy is useless," he muttered. Opening the first aid kit. He started to stitch the sides of the cut together. Feeling her lightly flinch against him. "There's no way I'm leaving you alone till this heals," he started. Noticing a small bruise forming on the other side of her waist. Exchanging glances with Wisp. Who disappeared into purple smoke. "I-It should heal soon," she mumbled. "Is the problem me or just everyone?" he observed. Feeling her flinch as the needle entered her skin. "I-I don't have a problem with you," she mumbled. A smile popped on his face as he continued. "Thats good since your so timid it's like your afraid of everyone," he observed. As the needle entered her skin for the second time. Feeling her flinch. "Sorry Little Snow," he sighed. She tilted her head to the side. "I really need you to stay still," he added. Gently pushing her down onto the bed. Leaning over her. Being careful to not put more pressure against her frail frame. Her soft eyes glancing up into his. Before he continued to sew up the cut. "What happened?" he asked. Not looking up from the cut. "S-Someone suddenly appeared behind me..." she mumbled. "What happened to them?" he added. She lightly shock her head. "I-I don't know, I blacked out," she mumbled. His grip on her waist increased as he looked down. A worried look on his face. "Maybe you should stick to the main building and the dorm for awhile," he advised. "I-I've only found two shards," she mumbled. "Finding out who you are doesn't matter. To me, keeping you safe is more important," he admitted. Her soft eyes looked up at him. He finished the last part of the stitch. Before leaning forwards against her. Wrapping his arms around her. As he hugged her closer against him. His head leaning against her shoulder. "I hate seeing you like this, you don't deserve to be hurt, to be in pain," he confessed. The door slid open. "Hey Yuki, It's lunch time, I brought you-" Ruru's voice interrupted before stopping. "Heh~" Miru's voice smirked. Nero's face turned bright red as he quickly sat up. Looking towards the doorway to see Ruru, Miru and Lira were standing there. Lira crossed his arms against his stomach. "Pervert," he muttered. "I-It's not what it looks like!" Nero flushed. "So you weren't laying ontop of a student hugging her?" Ruru muttered. Miru nodded in agreement. "Totally looks like that," he observed. Nero glanced down at her before moving to the side. Helping her sit up. Leaning her against his. "She's hurt, that's all," he muttered. The three of them walked up to the bed. "Her being hurt doesn't explain why you were hugging her," Lira muttered. Ruru crouched down in-front of the bed. He held his hand out towards her. "Can I see?" he asked. She glanced up at Nero before nodding. Ruru gently held up the side of her top to see the stitched up cut. "Does it hurt?" he asked. Miru leaned against the bed. "It looks bad!" he panicked. Lira leaned forwards. Gently using his thumb to wipe of the drop of blood. "It hurts a little," she mumbled. Lightly nodding. Nero kept his hand on Yuki's back. As he leaned forwards. "One of us has to be with her outside of the dorm at all times," he ordered. "I'll be fine," she mumbled. Looking up at him. He glanced down into her eyes. "I can only be with you most of the time," he added. Ruru picked up the nearby blanket. Wrapping it around her shoulders. "I have the same first lesson as you so I'll walk you in the morning," he volunteered. "I'll be fine by myself," she mumbled. Ruru glanced up at Nero who shock his head. Before focusing back on her. "This way we can keep you safe," he reminded."If you ever need something in town I'll go get it for you," Lira offered. "Same here," Miru nodded. Yuki leaned up on her knees, sitting into her usual 'w' style. Feeling lightheaded. Nero quickly caught her against his chest. "Yuki?" Lira panicked. Miru stood up. "You should really be laying down," he reminded. "He's right, Little snow," Nero nodded. Gently moving her closer to the pillows. "Iv'e been meaning to ask," Lira started. Nero looked over at him. Yuki tilted her head to the side. "You always refer to her as Little snow," Lira reminded. Miru and Ruru exchanged glances. Nero glanced down at Yuki. She tilted her head the side as she looked up into his eyes. "Well her name does mean snow," he added. "It's more of a really affectionate petname," Miru observed. "It has been annoying me as well," Ruru nodded. "You think it's affectionate?" she mumbled. Tilting her head to the side. "You don't?" Miru asked. As he looked up at her. She lightly tilted her head to the side as she looked up at Nero. "Your too innocent especially when it comes to stuff like this," Ruru sighed. "Right," Miru nodded. A sigh escaped Lira's lips. "Your one to talk," he muttered. She lightly tugged on the edge of Nero's sleeve. Catching his attention. "It's just a nickname I use, don't worry about it," he reassured. "A nickname you use since you care about her," Miru teased. Lira glanced at him as he nodded. Yuki leaned forwards. "D-Do you?" she mumbled. "Do I care about you?" he guessed. She lightly nodded. He looked behind her to see the other three were all focused on him. A sigh escaped his lips. "Isn't that obvious?" he asked. Moving a strand of her hair behind her ear. "Confession of love?" Miru smirked. Nero's face turned red. As he quickly pulled up the hood of her jacket, covering her eyes. "Idiot," he muttered. She pulled back her hood, tilting her head to the side. "Ignore everything that pervert says like usual," he flushed. "Even though we can all tell, I'm surprised that other teachers or students from Dusk or Dawn haven't noticed," Miru reminded. A sigh escaped Ruru's lips as he glanced up at him. "Shouldn't you go find Sora and tell him what happened?" he noted. "Why me?" Miru complained. "Since your just making them both embarrassed," Lira reminded. Looking to the side. Yuki fiddled with the hems of her sleeves as she glanced up at Nero. Who's cheeks were still flushing. A sigh escaped Miru's lips. "Fine but your all perverts, not just me," he reminded as he left the room. Closing the door behind him. Yuki leaned back against the bed frame fiddling with the edge of Nero's sleeve. As she looked down at the bed. "Sorry that I'm not good at picking up on things like that," she mumbled. Lira and Ruru exchanged glances. "Well you know that we all care about you, right?" Ruru asked. She lightly nodded. Nero gently held her closer. "So don't worry, we like looking after you," Lira reassured. She noticed the small cake box next to Ruru. She tilted her head to the side. Lightly tugging on the edge of his sleeve. "W-What's that?" she mumbled. He followed her eyeline. "I thought you might be hungry since you didn't come down to breakfast so I brought you this," he added. Moving the box in-front of her. Gently pulling the sides of the white box open. Revealing that inside were

"T-Thank you," she mumbled. Looking up at him. "Happy to help," he smiled. Lira glanced up at him. "It's kinda creeping me out how nice you two are to her," he muttered. Yuki tilted her head to the side. "Your not usually nice?" she mumbled. Ruru and Nero exchanged glances. "Not really," Sora interrupted from the doorway. With Miru next to him. He stepped into the room. "Apparently you were badly hurt? You should of told me," he started. "Your lucky I came to check on you," Nero nodded. She tugged down the hems of her sleeves. "Why did you?" Ruru remembered. Looking up. Sora nodded as he sat down on the bed. "It doesn't seem like you," he added. A sigh escaped Nero's lips. "I was worried thats all," he admitted.
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Sora leaned back on the sofa. Sipping some of the chocolate milk in the carton in his hand. "Is it me or do I keep seeing shadows outside the dorm?" he asked. Lira looked up from the omelets he was cooking in the kitchen. "Your just paranoid," he reminded. Picking up one of the eggs. Miru walked around the corner. Drying his hair with a towel. "It smells good," he nodded. Ruru walked down the stairs leading from the top floor. Covering his mouth as he yawned. "Good morning," he muttered through his hand. He looked over at the sofa. "She's sleeping through breakfast again?" he guessed. "Nero is as well by the looks of it," Lira observed. A sigh escaped Lira's lips as he picked up one of the plates. Popping an egg into the boiled water. "Will someone take this up to her once I'm done?" he requested. Cutting slices of bread into smaller 'solider' slices. "Sure," Sora nodded. Taking the last sip of his chocolate milk. Lira popped another egg into the water. "I'll make some for Nero as well," he sighed. Miru sat down next to Sora. A few minutes had passed. Lira prepared eggy soldiers down onto two different plates. "Take these up to them?" he asked. Sora jumped up as he walked over to the kitchen. Picking up both plates. "I'll be right back," he added. Heading up the stairs. He held the plates against Nero's door. Knocking against the doorframe. A few seconds had passed. As the door slid open. With Nero standing in the doorway. Looking half asleep. "I brought you up breakfast," Sora added. Holding out one of the plates towards him. Nero held onto the plate. "Thanks," he yawned. Sora nodded. Nero glanced down at the other plate. "For Little snow?" he guessed. Sora nodded. A sigh escaped Nero's lips. "Hopefully she will actually eat breakfast for once," he added. "Right, she always sleeps in till it's time for class," Sora nodded. He took a step backwards. "Anyway I'll take this to her," he added. Heading towards the door to Yuki's room. He knocked on the door. Not getting a response in return. "Yuki, I'm coming in," he called out. Slowly sliding open the door. As he walked into the room. To see that Yuki was curled up asleep under the sheets. Hugging her plush against her stomach. Her phone was on the bed next to her. A smile popped on his face. As he crouched down next to the side. Placing the plate down on the bedside table. He gently shock her arm. "Yuki," he called out. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. "Morning," she muffled. He smiled as he leaned forwards. "Are you hungry?" he started. Holding one of the egg dipped solider bread slices towards her. She lightly nodded as she sat up. He held the bread slice towards her. Feeding her. As she took a smile bite out of the side. A smile popped on his face. "Late night again?" he guessed. Watching her lightly nod.
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