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Posted 10/25/17 , edited 10/26/17
OK, so trying to use the Crunchyroll App on Wii U.

Two issues that are probably one in the same:

1) When seeking within the video, playback resumes at the correct place in the video. But that seeker resets to 00:00/wx:yz. This means if I were to seek the video again, I don't know what the correct time is to pick.

Example, if I seek to 10:00 in the video, and let it play for 5 minutes, the seeker says I'm at 05:00. If I try to skip ahead another minute, it brings me to 06:00 in the seeker. This brings me to 06:00 in the video, when what I would really want is 16:00 in the video.

(I don't normally jump forward, but jump back in a video because I missed a piece of dialog or subtitles during multitasking.)

2) I just tried streaming without premium today, which prompted me to post this. After seeing the second round of ads at 02:00 (the first being before the video), the video actually jumped back to 0:00. The video and seeker together did. And the player had paused. Subsequent ads have not had the problem of jumping back in the video.

I happened to redeem a guest pass while writing this up and concurrently watching the first video, so I will take another few days to trial without the guest past how ads behave and affect video experience.

For the sake of clarity, the first problem occurs with and without premium.
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