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Posted 10/26/17 , edited 10/26/17
What’s up DBZ fans. Today I will be looking at how durable Goku is at minimum. Let’s get started.

The first thought that crossed my mind was “What is the most powerful attack that Goku has ever taken that we know the full capabilities of”. My initial idea was Frieza's Death Ball, but that is way lower so there was no point. I was gonna give up until I remembered something: Beerus. According to Old Kai, 3 blows traded between Goku in his SSJG form could destroy the universe. My goal is to calculate how powerful those punches would be, and by association, Goku’s ability to to tank the punches.

While there are no numbers on how much energy it would take to destroy the universe, but there are numbers on how much it would take to destroy the Earth, and we can work our way from there.

The force required to destroy the Earth would be 2.61 × 10^21 Newtons of force. Now, given proportions, we can compare it to the Sun. One argument I know I’ll hear is that a physical object can’t destroy the sun, which is true, but we don’t need to destroy the sun, we need to destroy something the SIZE of the sun. Given that the sun weighs 333,000 times more than the Earth, we can use basic math to find that it would take 8.6913x 10^26 Newtons to destroy the sun.

Given that the Milky Way is 1 Trillion times more massive than our sun, we get 8.6913 x 10^38 Newtons of force. Given that astronomers estimate that there about 100 Billion galaxies in the observable universe, that the force to destroy the universe is around 8.6913 x 10^49 Newtons of Force. Given that it would take 3 punches, we take our number and divide it by 3, and we get our final number. The grand total of 2.8971 x 10^49 Newtons of force in his SSJG form. And keep in mind this would be even more in his SSJ Blue form and Ultra Instinct.

Is my math right? Also, what are your thoughts on this ABSURD number.
Posted 10/26/17 , edited 10/26/17
Just watch Seththeprogrammer. He's got this sort of thing on lockdown. He knows all about it. Like lots of stuff you might not even think about.
Remember all the Zenkai boosts Goku got in the Goku Black arc? That made him at least 10x stronger because he needed to fight Hit in SSBKKx10 in the tournament but when he fought him again in between arcs (yes Super "filler" is canon as it's referneced later) he didnt need Kaioken to win.
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