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Posted 10/27/17 , edited 10/28/17
For fans of the "Sakura Quest" English dub, the final "Sakura Quest Fest" epi. is this Saturday from 12-2PM CST, per Caitlin's 10/25/[email protected]:55PM tweet (@caitlinsvoice). the final SQF will have over 20 guests.

When the dub was being aired, dub director Caitlin Glass would often do a Wed. morning Q&A Periscope live stream Q&A called Sakura Quest Fest. Each episode featured an Eng. dub voice actor/actress for a character introduced in that week's episode.

I have made my adoration for the dub known as I have tweeted to Caitlin, Leah, Alexis, Brina, and Elizabeth on how well they did. The fact that Tia's 9/4/17 tweet "Taking the rest of the year off of Twitter, my lovelies. Don't burn down the place, eh?" doesn't help. I should have told her I enjoyed her role of Shiori earlier.

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Bah, Caitlin Glass. Not a fan of her views against pirating. If a company holds steadfast to streaming right without doing any sort of actual usage (Streaming, home releases, etc. that would profit them), then how is does it devoid said companies of profit in the first place?
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