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Name Your Top Five Best Anime and Why

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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/2/17
i just want to experience new anime but i want to know everyone's opiniom.
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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/7/17

poder6 wrote:

i just want to experience new anime but i want to know everyone's opiniom.

I've moved this from General Discussion to Anime (and altered the title a bit for clarity), but if you are posting this primarily to get personal recommendations let me know and I can move it to the Advice, Info, Recommendations forum--in that case you should edit your post to give more information about what you are interested in--maybe some titles you've heard are "best" and want others to weigh in about.

If this is more to encourage people to focus on "best" (instead of favorite--since we already have a thread for Favorites) and to provide reasons why they consider some things the best, then it's fine in the Anime forum, but you should edit your opening post to kick things off, by sharing a few titles you think are best and why.

If this thread just turns into lists with no reasons why, or no discussion about what people mean by "best" then it might end up being closed as a duplicate of the Favorites thread, so I encourage anyone who replies to do so in a way that makes it different from that "Favorites" thread.
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42 / M / California
Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/7/17
Psycho Pass
Fist of the Northstar
Samurai Champloo
Knights and Magic
Gundam Twlight Axis
Gundam Unicorn

Just to name a few

Because they all appeal to what I like in anime, action, mecha, badass characters, sci fi
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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/7/17
1. Hunter x Hunter - the writing, characters, plot, fights, emotion, everything is just absolutely stellar

2. Steins;Gate - extremely engaging mystery thriller with a boatload of feels, tightly constructed plot with lots of foreshadowing

3. Gintama - maybe this should be higher, it simultaneously manages to be the most hilarious series I've ever seen while getting really deep, and the serious parts are also done extraordinarily well while still managing to be funny, and the cast is one of the best, with a perfect main character

4. Boku no Hero Academia - yeah I know how most people will react when they see this, but whatever, it perfectly seams hype, feels, and great writing all together into something that anyone can enjoy, has great themes that it explores very well, again the cast is fantastic

5. Parasyte - this one just really doesn't have flaws besides maybe being a little preachy, it's a perfect little package of goodness

Honorable Mentions:
Kimi no na wa
Koe no Katachi
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
Madoka Magica

The amount of love I have for all of these is through the roof, so obviously there's gonna be a little bias. I'm sure many people won't agree with my list, but that's fine.

P.S. Yes I have seen Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. And Clannad Afterstory.
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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/7/17
Gintama. (Something of note: While this starts off slow it slowly grows on you. So to anyone thinking about watching give it like 30 episodes)

I like this anime cause it's basically every genre, in the sense that it does pretty much every genre throughout the show (and it has that ability since it's episodic which I'm also a fan of), and not only does it do almost every genre, it does them well. For example this show has made me laugh so hard it hurt and I couldn't breath, has gotten me amped and on the edge of my seat during a battle, has made me ponder stuff/ look at things in ways I've never thought of, has had me yell so loud that my dad came to check on me, and has also brought me to tears many times. The characters are all unique and fleshed out and boy are there a lot of them, not to mention that their chemistry with each other is also amazing. The comedy is extremely appealing to my sense of humor and since it is a gag anime I do find that it is one of it's major strengths and appeal. However while it does have great comedy and is episodic it has a serious plot that gets touched upon sparingly and is well executed, creating a nice contrast of serious and silliness that leaves you craving for more once it's done. I will say that this series isn't for everyone especially if you don't like the type of comedy, which is very absurd, crazy, nasty, and just plain ol' dumb. (this a long series with currently 300+ episodes to date and still ongoing.)


This anime is just unique af everywhere from the plot and theme of each arc, the characters and character design, art style, music, atmosphere, ah it's all just so refreshing along with being intellectually and visually stimulating. This anime follows a single reoccurring character who is a wandering medicine seller that stumbles upon environments where Mononoke
have begun to reek havoc, which is right up my alley. Right away from the first episode it's pretty easy to understand what I mean by unique especially in the art. Each arc while short has so much contained in it that even after watching the anime at least 6-7 times I still can say I don't understand each episode fully ( in terms of meaning and what's actually happening.) This show really functions as sort of a horror detective show oddly enough and each arc revolves around understanding and piecing together information surrounding the Mononoke as the story unfolds, all while touching upon elements of the human condition while borrowing plot elements from Japanese folklore. ( Really short anime like 12 episodes, tho it does have another story arc in "Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales" that is a prequel that spawned this series )

Monogatari Series

(Might write something about this but it's getting late and I don't wanna write anymore)

I think the anime I listed all have such a distinct flavor and have so much to offer they they just surpass normal anime standards in terms of storytelling, creativity, and imo are stunning examples of what can be done through the medium of anime.
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16 / M / israel
Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/2/17
so a few I really recommend and are among my favorites:
1) jojo's bizarre adventures
3) haikyuu
4) beck
5) bokura wa minna kawaisou
6) kimi no na wa (movie)
7) grave of the fireflies (movie).
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20 / F / Sweden
Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/2/17
This is hard.... I have so many... I will have to take them ones I think about at the moment.

1. One Piece - I love everything with this anime/manga. It has an amazing deep story but is at the same time very entertaining.

2. Code Geass - A very deep story, which has stayed with me for years now. There is just this something about it which I cannot explain very well...

3. Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - The story, the message, the characters... like everything is good.

4. Gintama - How can I not like this? The humor that I can't really explain but at the same time deep story. I just love it....

5. K - Now this one I feel a bit diffrent about. I really love the first season but I have a bit harder time to like the movie and second season, maybe be cause I did not watch them after one another but I really love the first season.
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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/2/17
My top five, huh?

Maison Ikkoku - The standard against which I judge all other romance anime, and a lot of romance stories on live-action TV and movies as well. It is funny, it is human, it is always entertaining. I consider it a masterpiece.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - While Studio Ghibli has gone on to create much more famous work, Nausicaa remains as captivating to me today as it did when I first saw it as a child. From the design of the creatures, aircraft and setting, to the story, to great characters, to aerial scenes that still amaze and hold up. Top notch.

Clannad and Clannad After Story - Technically two series, but it's telling two parts of one story. Yes, it is heart-wrenching and you'll need several boxes of tissues close by the whole way through, but it's also howlingly funny, with a cast of unforgettable characters of a variety of ages and a story with real depth. I love it for so many reasons, but not the least of which is the way it portrays the total package of love and romance, the good and the bad, and what happens after high school is over and things get real.

Sweetness & Lightning - I think everyone should watch this. A quiet, compact series about some of the most relatable characters I've ever seen in anime. Delightful, sweet, adorable, but with moments of powerful emotion that hit you like lightning. Hence the title.

My Hero Academia - As you can tell by the rest of this list, shonen isn't usually my thing. This series is an exception. I liked the MC immediately, the rest of the cast is given their own moments to shine and develop, the world is set up creatively, yet believably in context. The action scenes are amazing and the writing is tight and smart. I was very impressed, and was not expecting to be.
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25 / M / Finland
Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/2/17
Augh, tough one, as there are so many. But what does my Top 5 looks like? Let's see...

1. Soul Eater - Ah, the first anime (not counting the ones from childhood) i've watched. I miss those days...

2. Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma - I only needed the first three episodes and bang, i'm in! But to be serious for a moment, great characters, humor and lots of delicious-looking food.

3. Love Live! School Idol Project/Sunshine!! - This took my by storm, and i'm glad of that. Sunshine!! is also counted.

4. Steins; Gate - A masterpiece, if anything.

5. Darker than Black - Something once said: Even if you're not watching anime, but you like genres like action or sci-fi, try this.

I believe i've explained the reasons somewhere, so apologies for such a short descriptions.
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The Wired
Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/2/17
Cowboy Bebop
Hunter x Hunter
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ping Pong the Animation
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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/7/17
I'm made a somewhat long post in the favorite anime topic a month ago about what my favorite anime are, and since I don't really want to type it out all again, I'll just leave it here:

The definition of 'favorite' for me is a little different from 'best'. My favorite anime are ones that have either moved me or ones that I hold extremely dear to my heart. Ones that have flaws, but they're flaws I'm willing to overlook because I love everything about them so much. There is an overlap between the two but there are a few on the list linked above that definitely have some glaring flaws, but I love them anyway.

Anyway, the top 5 anime that I consider to be the best are:

1. Gintama This takes ~25 episodes to get into, but trust me, it's worth it. This show is probably the funniest anime I've ever seen; it pulls out so many references and different types of jokes that sometimes you don't know what to expect. There's a huge range of characters, each with their own backstory (hell, even a side character that maybe appeared a few times got a two-episode backstory arc recently, and it was brilliant). The serious arcs are also amazing; the suspense leaves you at the edge of your seat, and they still manage to pull a few jokes here and there (which are surprisingly funny).

2. Kimi no Na wa (Your name.): I saw this in theatres a while before a lot of people in the west were able to (hehe lucky me) and honestly, 5 seconds into the film, I though 'the money on that ticket was well spend because this looks absolutely gorgeous'. Ngl, I actually think this is the prettiest of all of Makoto Shinkai's films. Though that's not all; the two protagonists are pretty realistic (which is why I think that this movie resonated with a lot of people) and they have pretty good chemistry together. There is a big twist, and the way it's presented is very well done. Also, about the ending:

3. Hunter X Hunter A solid shonen action series that pretty much excels in everything it does. Great world-building + characters and their superpowers are really well explained.

4. Code Geass This is probably the most biased thing that you'll find on this list (because it's my favorite anime of all time) but I loved everything about this. The characters were complex and extremely well-written, the plot was intriguing and (most importantly) the mecha designs were awesome.

5. Space Brothers/ Uchuu Kyoudai This is a realistic anime about chasing your dreams (oh gosh is that contradicting). The characters are some of the most realistic and relatable characters I've come across in anime (the protagonist is a guy in his thirties and I watched this when I was 14 and I was just like 'dude, I can relate'). The series takes its time to explore all of the trials that the characters face, and it didn't really waste many of its 99 episodes on pointless fillers.

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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/7/17
I'm gonna go reverse list on this. I had to really think hard what my number 5 was. I know I had one, but I could not remember it.

So I'll throw Clannad for number 5. I love Key series. Clannad, Air, Kanon, and I think Angel Beats. Always great stories, plot, and if you are prone to crying, these will make you cry. Music is always on point with these series. Incredibly beautiful, really drives it home. If you do end up watching this series, watch the others too. They do not disappoint.

4. Welcome to the NHK. I find it completely hilarious. There are so many scenes in multiple episodes I watch over and over. It's quite bizarre at times, but it makes sense.

3. Skip Beat. The main character is fantastic. I love the revenge plot of this. This is one of the very few series that after watching the anime, I kept going with the manga. (Incidentally number 1 and 2 on my list I read the entire series after the anime). I haven't read it in about a year, so I really need to catch up on it. The serious moments you will get absorbed it.

2. One Outs. I actually just recently rewatched this for the 10th time, probably. I don't watch a lot of sports anime. Kuroko's Basketball and Prince of Tennis being the other ones. Which are both fantastic. You should watch those too. But unlike those two, One Outs isn't really about the sport, which is baseball. It's all a psychological game. Special moves are not the name of the game here. Not saying that's a bad thing.

1. Yakitate Japan. I think I'm the only person that'll put this at number 1. I remember the first time I saw the first episode. I was like "An anime about making bread?! How could that be good?" Unbelievably hooked. 69 episode series, and I've watched it complete like a dozen times. And it's funny and entertaining every single time. Not for everybody. But I enjoy the hell out of it.
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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/7/17

1. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
-very easy to get into. All of the characters are well-crafted and lovable. It's full of fast-paced action mixed with great humor and moments that pull at your heartstrings. I mean really, it's probably one of the best anime out there. If not, the best right now.

2. Ouran High School Host Club
-this wasn't that popular in Japan so it never got the many more seasons it deserved but fear not! The manga does continue. So much hilarious humor. So much heart. Such great writing and beautiful animation. The first episode might throw you off a little, but I assure you, the rest is totally worth it. Just give it a shot and you will love it.

3. Bleach
-Now, some of you might be like, really? Bleach? But hear me out. The first couple of seasons are amazing. Bleach opens us to a different world that is well-thought out and full of great characters with great animation. If you like action, humor, and heart, it's all here.

4. Hetalia
-ok, so if your attention span is super bad, this anime would be great for you because each episode is only 5 minutes long. Yes, that's right. Based off of a very successful web comic, Hetalia is stereotyped countries as humans. Which sounds crazy, but the HUMOR. THE ENGLISH VERSION IS AMAZING. Seriously, do not watch the Japanese dub first, watch the English because they were allowed to just mess with the script and WOW. It's hilarious. It's offensive and crazy, but I'd give it a watch.

5. D Gray Man
-so this anime/manga has been around for awhile but got put on hold because of the creator's illness. She is extremely talented and has created a unique world with great characters, great animation, great story, humor, everything. We journey with Allen Walker who wants to become an exorcist to defeat the Millennium Earl and find the heart of innocence. What I like about this series, is that has some ties to the Bible, and really makes you wonder who has the heart of the innocence. Also, there is this really great parody of it on youtube that I love, but might help you get interested:

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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/3/17
thank you, and yes i was trying to get recommendations as im a little too bored with what im watching right now.
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31 / F / California
Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/7/17
Akatsuki no Yona, Natsume Yuujinchou, One Piece, Haikyuu, and Barakamon.

As to why...

Akatsuki no Yona has an interesting plot with equal parts drama, comedy, and action. It has wonderfully developed characters, great animation, a fantastic OST, and is just... addictive as hell!

Natsume Yuujinchou is perfection to me. It's so soothing and calming and it's my go to anime to re-watch when I'm upset or have had the day from hell... I just love it so much!

One Piece... I'm an addict! xD Amazing characters with fabulous character development, an amazingly complex and fascinatingly well built universe, and at over 800 episodes it's reportedly only halfway through so I have years left to sit back and enjoy what Oda does with the series!

Haikyuu has fantastic characters who have great character development and are a bunch of lovable dorks! This is one of the best anime the sports genre has to offer and is always my first suggestion for the genre. The matches have you on the edge of your seat with excitement and are just soooo well done!

Barakamon is friggin' ADORABLE, hilarious, heartwarming, and cute as hell! I absolutely ADORE the characters and their various quirks! It's one of the best slice of life anime out there (only beaten by Natsume Yuujinchou imo)!
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