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Posted 11/2/17 , edited 11/3/17
Your mission that you get from the innkeeper is defeat the dragon and his army the RedSkulls that's holding the town of Woodward captive. The farms cant provide for the towns people and there a gloom over the town. the village has to give sacrifices to the dragon the poorer families usually get picked for that some of them have lost both parents.
The neighboring town Whitestone offered to help by sending letters out to every warrior they have heard about so they can get the dragon that's where you come in the letter you received said

Dear __________,

We have heard of your achievements in the world and ask for your help

in our time of need. A dragon and a group of bandits have taken over our town of Woodward

We want you to get rid of him, He has had many Sacrifices leaving the children of those sacrifices poor and orphaned.

His bandits have taken all of our resources and still ask for more leaving the village starving.

The Villagers weapons have been taken because the bandits and dragons fear our revolt.

AS the villagers of Whitestone we ask that you help our neighbors because we fear that we will be next.

Come and help Brave Warriors!


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