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Posted 11/3/17 , edited 11/4/17
Hi all I am looking for the names of a couple mangas I quit reading as I was all caught up.

Now for the life of me I can not think of the names only a couple of vague descriptions and I hope you all can help.

1st one is the main character is reincarnated into a new world. His mom is an ancient silver blade grass that had taken human form. His Dad was from a clan of blacksmiths or something similar.

His best friend love interest is revealed to be a 10000 or 100000 thousand year old rabbit in human form. Thats what I can remember.

The second one the main character is reincarnated into his younger self. He remembers everything from his past life and uses the knowledge he learned to try and prevent his friends from dying and giving them pointers to help them power up faster.

I remember an alchemist guild or company sponsoring the main character since from his past life he knew how to make some sort of elixir that was considered rare or just a myth.

Any help is appreciated
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Posted 12/19/17 , edited 12/19/17
why not just search by series with reincarnation

try to look through this list
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