Post Reply Anime's stuck on retrieving for months.
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Posted 11/4/17 , edited 11/4/17
I continue to see this problem when I play the episode the ads shows just fine but the episode never plays you can check the screenshots one by one but the anime never run.

Animes like Dragon Ball Super , Blends ,One Piece, Recovery of an MMO Junkie and many others have these issue
the first 2 episodes of blends work great but the others have these problem.

Dragon ball Super is been months with these problem before episode 90.

How do you guys want premium accounts if your service is not working?
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Posted 11/5/17 , edited 11/6/17
I have a premium account and it does it on mine as well. I jyst received an email back today telling me to clear my cache. Lol
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Posted 11/6/17 , edited 11/6/17

SRX86 wrote:
How do you guys want premium accounts if your service is not working?

All in all, it seems to depend on what hardware you are using. My service is working well, (except for the recent hack, and much earlier ddos attacks before that) I'm not missing anything that's here though, and I absolutely hate ads, so I wouldn't watch at all without a subscription.

Honestly, I have more problems with Netflix stalling and delivering low resolution than with CR.

My Roku 3 separate set-top box plays mostly flawlessly, except for the annoyance of slow app startup. My Roku TV, which has less powerful processor(s) equivalent to a "stick", not so much...I do still get about half to maybe 3/4 of the shows I watch to play on that, but I don't watch any of the big shounen titles. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy any smart TV, ever, unless it's because the price happened to be less than a corresponding "dumb" one.

My Amazon Fire TV stick plays individual episodes without issues too, but it has a different annoyance that happens if you don't back all the way out correctly when you're done watching. Ironically, when I watch Anime Strike, I go back to using the Roku, because the subtitles work better on that.

My android tablet plays just fine the few times I end up using that as well.

The website plays just fine for me using Chrome, and the Win-10 app works OK every time I try that, too, but I admit, that is only occasionally.

I don't have Xbox or Playstation, since I'm not a gamer, and I won't buy into anything Apple, so I can't comment on those.

I will opine that they could stand some better program design for navigation and configuration options on most of the apps I use.
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