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Posted 11/4/17 , edited 11/5/17
I've been using this site for a month or so, but never really took advantage of the forums that Crunchyroll had. I'm paying for the services, so I might as well use them, right? This was the first Boku Hero No Academia group that I stumbled across, so I decided to join! I'm caught up in the manga and am eagerly awaiting the next season of the anime! I was wondering where everybody else (the two other current members of this group and whoever else joins post-me-posting-this) stand on this series/fandom. Super Detroit-Smash fan? Dipping your toes in the water? Curious casual?

To put this simply, hello, pleased to meet all of you! And I hope we can discuss this awesome series together like the crazed Odekus we are! (Get it? A punny wordplay on Deku and otaku?!?!?)

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