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Posted 11/5/17 , edited 11/5/17
Hello, I am a writer for a indie western manga company named Plus Manga. I recently noticed that I could kinda self-promote here, so that's I will do. When I say western manga, I mean precisely that manga created by people in the west. Not to be mistaken with American style comic books, we at Plus Manga write in the typical manga style that you would find in a manga that originated from Japan, same for art. I feel it'd be easiest to just let you see for yourselves what I mean, so I will link both the official Instagram for Plus Manga and the first issue of the magazine, which you can read digitally for free.



The magazine is currently being redone: updated logo, a proper website being made, etc. So, for the time being there is only 4 issues out, but in the coming months when the re-branding is finished the monthly installments should continue.
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Posted 11/9/17 , edited 11/17/17
So you are talking about some Japanese-inspired comic book. I want to know why I barely heard about manga-inspired western comic especially with the huge popularity of anime and manga in the Western nations? Anyway, it is good to know that some Westerners are attempting to make their own adaption of manga so they do not have to depend on Japan for popular fiction stories.
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