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Posted 11/6/17 , edited 11/7/17
I have a list of a+ anime to recommend, TORADORA being first and foremost, but others include My Love Story, Re:ZERO (which this group uses a character from the show as an icon), Lovely Complex (which sadly doesn't have a crunchyroll release but here's hoping), and Recovery of a MMO junkie. First, is what believe to be the finest example of Romcom made, TORADORA. It is a strong advocate of how love can be found in unlikely places and is worth so much to have. It takes place in a high school setting and has both a subbed version and dubbed version (dubbed version felt weird for the first ten minutes but then felt completely on par with the subbed version) here on crunchyroll. Next is My Love Story, which much like TORADORA takes place in a high school setting, however unlike TORADORA, it actually has the main characters not waste time and they get together in the first couple episodes, then it proceeds to explore them as a couple and is a quite refreshing take on Romcom due to it establishing the couple early on and focusing on how they are as a couple. There is a dubbed version, however it is not on crunchyroll. Next is Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World. This is another Romcom but with additional fantasy and horror elements added. It has interesting twists and ideas that make it very compelling to watch. This anime, as of September 9 2017 will be getting something additional to its story, though at this time i can't confirm if it is a movie, one off episode or an entire new season. Next is Lovely Complex, which is if you combined TORADORA with My Love Story (even though it actually came out before both of them). It establishes the main characters very similarly to TORADORA as they don't really like each other at first, but it grows into more and they establish themselves as a couple and have additional episodes that follow them in that relationship (not as fast as My Love Story but not as slow as TORADORA). Sadly, it is not on crunchyroll but i still recommend it. Lastly, we have Recovery of a MMO junkie. As of writing this, the show is still airing and already is a refreshing feeling of Romcom considering it is one of the few Romcoms that involve adults and doesn't have a high school aged kid as the main character. It has great humor and is worth keeping up with since it seems to know exactly where it is going.

That is my list of at least watch once Romcom Anime.
Please if you have any additional recommendations of quality Romcoms, please tell me because I'd love to see more
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