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Posted 11/10/17 , edited 11/11/17
So I've been thinking about Rika's approach towards certain scenerios and why she doesn't do this and that.

1) So back in Onikakushi, Keiichi contracts the hinamizawa syndrome and gradually descend into insanity. So my question follows as why she doesn't use the syringe to neutralize the syndrome. She tried to either use it on Shion but failed misearbly, and on Rena in Tsumihoroboshi-hen. So why doesn't she use the medicine on the victims of the syndrome in the all of the parallel worlds? Even though she dies as it's her destiny, her friends won't suffer in the process.

2) In Minagoroshi-hen, Rika is surprised by Keiichi changing the game Mion had planned at the toy store. Why is that? There are multiple same possibilities in the decades she has experienced the same parallel worlds. But somehow, this is supposedly different. The explanation by the author just feels cheap and weak. If Keiichi could change a tragedy by not giving the doll to Rena, but Mion instead, why doesn't she take action to prevent it?

3) Hanyu is a entity which only Rika can see and converse with. She has been with her throughout the 100 years of looping in the hinamisawa 1983 universe. In all of the separate worlds, Tomitake and Takano gets killed at the Cotton drifting festival. After decades of experiencing the same scenario, do they not question the inevitable destiny of them getting killed? Why doesn't Hanyu follow them 24/7 to catch the perpetrator?

Would love if someone could explain or tell if I missed something. Thanks .
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