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Posted 11/11/17 , edited 11/12/17
Watched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind the other night as part of my Miyazaki Blu-Ray Collection marathon. This wasn't my first viewing of the film, but it instantly reignited my love of the character and the themes that define her and the world she and many other inhabit.

As someone who also happens to be an avid fan of the Fallout series, I wanted to juxtapose the two post-apocalyptic works by giving Nausicaä a Vault-Tec paint job and a Pip-Boy. Given how darkly humorous Fallout is, this drawing also gave me the chance to juxtapose the two universes.

I don't have much experience as an artist, but I'm still incredibly proud of the illustration myself!

What do you think? All feedback is welcome!
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