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Post Reply Can you define the cosmology/philosophy you operate under?
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Posted 11/30/17 , edited 12/1/17

Potentsaliva wrote:

I think some people think that they don't have a philosophy and that it doesn't matter, but the fact is that you do and it literally serves as the foundation of how you move yourself through life and intemperate your experence. So if you do have an idea of the philosophy/cosmology you operate under can you define it?

Here are some questions you can start with: Who do you think you are? What do you think humans are? How were humans in the past? What do you think the world is? How do you and the world relate? What's the meaning of life? Is there even one? Is that even a worthwhile question? What is life? What is your experience? What's real? What's imagination? What is truth? How do you know something is true? What is belief? How do you justify your beliefs? Why do you think the way you think?

So if your gonna use terms,labels, or ambiguous words concisely define and describe what you mean when you use those words.

I act as an existentialist, I believe humans exist by itself and that "fate" doesn't exist and that all our choice guide us as humans. I am myself and I am someone that live following my own choice like everyone else. I do not reject the idea of spiritual entities though as I witness lot of unbelievable situations. For how I interact with the world, well it is simple, since I was small I always wanted to make other happier and it is still my goal even today, I am quite disillusioned when facing other and humanity natural selfishness, but I am not blind to humanity good side. The meaning of life is what you give it, your life is yours and so it is your duty to find the own meaning to your existence.

I could ramble more, but I rather not open much more to strangers about certain part of my believes, but to conclude I am ready to accept everyone believes as individuals at condition it doesn't harm themselves or others when following them.
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