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Posted 11/17/17 , edited 11/18/17
I am starting this topic because I don't know where else to go.

There are several manga's on the Android manga app that have broken or not loading chapters: Lucifer and biscuit hammer chapter 55, tales of wedding ring chapter 27 and seven deadly sins chapter 71 are just the ones that I know about. But reading through the forum topics I know for sure that there are more out rhere. So this is the place where you can report them an hopefully Crunchyroll will FINALLY fix them ( because some of these have been broken for 3-4 YEARS). Respond to this message to push Crunchyroll to get them fixed!!!
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Posted 4/21/18 , edited 4/21/18
I have a chapter to add. Sun-Ken Rock chapter 62 in the app. It's stuck on the loading screen. The other chapters worked fine. Didn't load on my friends phone either so I know it isn't my phone.
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Posted 7/12/18 , edited 7/13/18
Same here, trying to read Dragon Zakura, and I can't get chapter 3 to load at all on my Android phone... Also tried clearing data on the app, but still the same after signing back in
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Posted 7/13/18 , edited 7/14/18
I’ve had a similar thing except instead of 1 chapter missing it’s over a hundred like on seven deadly sins it goes from chapter 1 to 214 and it’s bern like this for months, do the creators just not care enough to fix this bug or what, and it’s not just the phone it’s the computer that’s having the same problem
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