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Posted 11/19/17 , edited 11/19/17
The last few days I've been watching video on here and all of a sudden for no reason it just stops playing until I refresh the page and just today had to refresh cause of an audio De-sync issue on the newest Gintama (336), also for the last 2-3 days I've had the message when going to see about if I've gotten a new guest pass (its odd but I like getting them) its been saying "You will receive your next Guest Pass today!" so I'm thinking somethings wrong with that, one final issue on my profile page the Profile Views won't go up (I tested this by logging out and refreshing my profile page a lot which usually makes it go up but it didn't). Hoping these issue get fixed soon, this stuff mainly the Video Freezing and Audio De-sync is getting annoying.

Edit: Remembered some other issues I might as well list with these
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Posted 11/24/17 , edited 11/24/17
+ vidfreezing for me too on firefox crome and opera all uptodate and windows 10 x64 uptodate also
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