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Post Reply Charles Manson dead at 83
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Posted 11/23/17 , edited 11/23/17

mxdan wrote:

AedonBlackheart wrote:

Such a shame. Despite the horrific things the man caused others to do, there is no denying he was a genius and amazing leader of the people. Had he used his talent in a different direction the world may have been a much better place. Rest in peace sir.

I mean, the two iq test he took when he was alive put his intelligence somewhere between 109-121. He was probably slightly higher intelligence then normal. Don't make the mistake of confusing psychopathy and charisma with genius. >_>

Yeah I think it was 109 and I believe he was much more charismatic than he was intelligent. I think maybe if he had realized his dream of becoming a musician things may have been different but he didn't have the discipline or the talent.
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