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Posted 11/22/17 , edited 11/22/17
Yooo, I'm looking for some good animes to watch cause I feel like I have watched all of them and I feel like theres just none that are interesting in my personal favor of what I like to see in animes any more

Kind of animes I like : No academia ( boku ) highschool dxd ( love me some harem with a whole lotta action or just plain out action where the MC is either weak or kinda strong or even really strong then progresses further and becomes very very strong throughout the anime .. if u guys can leave more then 1 anime that'd be perfect lmfao.

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Posted 11/22/17 , edited 11/23/17
You’ve said you watched everything but you didnt specifiy so you might have watched Re:Zero, which is my recommendation. Also what about harem minus the action? Class room of the Elite i also enjoyed but its not really action packed although it does have some i guess. Space Patrol Luluco is shorter and different from your typical anime but i loved it, its action packed. Again for all i know you’ve watched these anime.
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Posted 11/22/17 , edited 11/22/17
Harem anime with some action:

Familiar of Zero
Chivalry of a Failed Knight
Rosario + Vampire
Aria of the Scarlet Ammo
Fate series
Monogatari series
Testament of a Sister New Devil
Log Horizon
Full Metal Panic!
Freezing (I hated this one)
Infinite Stratos (I thought this was pretty sub-par)
A Certain Magical Index
Date A Live
Strike the Blood
Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Sword Art Online

Not harem, but might fit:

Eureka Seven
Chaika the Coffin Princess
Kaze no Stigma
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Posted 11/22/17 , edited 11/23/17
You didn't specify if you wanted them all to be on here so I guess I'll mix it up a bit...

Ladies vs. Butlers
Shomin Sample
Mayo Chiki
Rail Wars
World Break
Irregular at Magic High
Love, Elections and Chocolate
Nagasarete Airentou
Dog and Scissors
Girls Bravo
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