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Posted 11/23/17 , edited 11/24/17
I suggest allowing users to adjust the amount of time skipped with the forward/backward buttons and keyboard arrows. At the moment it's set to 15 seconds but that's a huge amount. 5 seconds is good for skipping very long and slow dialogue while still being able to read the subtitles. With 15 seconds, a lot text might be skipped.

Also, Windows 10 App has problems with the interface, where clicking on areas of the interface makes other areas inactive, so the keyboard arrows don't work. For example if you clicks on the full screen button or in the video to hide the buttons, the timeline is no longer active and the arrow keys don't work. I you have to click back on the timeline, which then unhides the other menu buttons, and after pressing the arrows, you have to click back on the video again to hide the menu.

There is no resolution option.

The buffer starts to delete itself if you go backwards in time. For example if the next 30 seconds has already been buffered, but you missed a long subtitle that was displayed to short of time, and you press left arrow to to back, sometimes the buffer resets itself and has to download again.
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