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Posted 11/25/17 , edited 11/25/17
I spent part of my life in a country where you have to give people a small bribe to get anything done. The simplest things like (ex.. patient at a hospital)

- change the hospital bed sheet
- providing meals on time
- clean the room
-fill out documents

I left that country more than 10 years ago and things are still the same when i went back a few years back and recently 2017 (family). $10 in the passport before handing it to the custom agent and $10-$20 to the agents (they would be equivalent to TSA here) scanning the bags. You can have problem with your passports/documents/bags even when there's no actual problem at all if you don't "grease the hands" -- as most people would call it.

There was an extortion operation that was exposed by some bystander with a cellphone on September 2017. I think they are changing tactics now. I believe there's an extortion scheme going on at the last airport-- with the involvement of the airlines and the immigration/custom agents now. I'm sure you know about the" ticketing rule" put in place by the airlines? You will have to pay for another ticket if you are late (if only they will pay the passenger when they are late in return as well).

My suspicion is that since they can't accept bribes openly without someone recording it, they are intentionally holding people at checkpoints/custom making them missing their flight. They are exploiting the "ticketing rule". I'm curious how they will split the price of a ticket --- but 350+ a person is a lot of money in a country where people are making $10-$15/day. A GoPro video footage from arrival at the airport until boarding is a must at one of these airports. ]

Have you ever been a victim/witness of any sort of corruption before?
Would you like to share it ?

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Posted 11/25/17 , edited 11/25/17
Lol, I live in Amerikkka. Corruption abounds here, though it usually isn't so blatant.
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