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Posted 11/26/17 , edited 4/30/18
I think Crunchyroll's apple/android app should have a comments section because it's so much effort to open your browser and go on the website.

Also, the same can be said for the rating system.

If people are as lazy as I am, I'm sure that many app users would comment/ rate shows if there was the feature built in.

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Posted 11/26/17 , edited 11/26/17
I agree. I mostly watch CR off my PS4 but sometimes I watch it off my Kindle when I'm away from home. (I also prefer the win 10 app over the browser player)

I do like being able to comment and rate anime. I would also love to be able to write up a review while on my kindle.
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Posted 3/23/18 , edited 3/23/18
I’m about to cancel my subscription until this is added. Ridiculous you can’t add the comments section to the app? Basic shit
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