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Posted 11/26/17 , edited 11/27/17
Hey all,
So I've written a book, and as the title of this thread suggests it is heavily inspired by anime. I've found a small publisher to take my work in and sell it, but they don't do marketing. This has forced me to go out and search for ways to get my book out to the population. This process is about as fun and easy and it sounds. The big problem comes from the genre that I've put my book into. I consider this to be fantasy, but most, if not all, of the review sites and literary agents that I've contacted don't agree. So my post here has two purposes:
1. If anyone knows of reviewers that enjoy and take in works like these then I would love to know about them. I've tried searching, but my googling abilities are not fantastic.
2. reaching out to you all to let you know it exists. The book is called God Sword Awakening. It's available on Amazon in kindle form and paper back, as well as Nook. If you're interested it would mean the world to me if you even just checked it out.
But that's about it. Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated.
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